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Very “L A” Day

I started my day off with a meeting at the The Regent Beverly Wilshire (where Pretty Woman was filmed). While we were quietly tucked in a corner, it was great being a fly on the wall while paparazzi followed some “leggy blondes” through the lobby. Next I met a friend for lunch at a small unassuming osteria. While seated by the window, allowing for a great view of the front door, in walks stunning Charlize Theron. Minutes later another swarm of paparazzi and in walks gorgeous Halle Berry. Trust me when I say I had no idea my day was going to be anything like this. I was just running errands and meeting friends!

What I noticed about both beauties was the fact that they looked amazing with very little makeup on. Both sporting a fresh natural look. This can be achieved by applying the m.vie Pressed Foundation with the Kabuki Brush then setting it with the Mineral Mist. This creates a dewy fresh look to the skin. Should you like a little more of a sun-kissed look add a bit of our Pump Brush with Bronzer over the foundation… A little mascara and a touch of gloss…Now, just like a celeb,  you’re fresh faced and good to go!





PS Had I not known better I could have sworn the paparazzi were following me??? LOL

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Published on Apr 13 2011

Last Updated on May 14 2015

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