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Valentine’s Day

It is almost that oh so special, notoriously one and only, romantic day of the year (second to only a wedding anniversary perhaps). Expectations run high if you have a special someone. What will we do, where will we go and what shall we wear?

While getting dressed for the day, be it for the office, taking the kids to school or lunch with friends, wear some special undies that only you will know about. 😉 You’ll feel good all under! Then mist yourself with the fragrance you save for special occasions. Now you’ll feel special all day. These are just little reminders that you are special and it’s OK to treat yourself once in awhile! 

If you’re lucky enough to have a date, you may want to consider this sexy little red dress🙂  However, regardless of your plans, I’m a big fan of Be Your Own Valentine! Do just a few little extra things for yourself that day. Maybe start your day with either a Calming Gel Masque or an Equalizing Herbal Masque to refresh your face. You’ll radiate a healthy glow from inside and out because you’ve taken a moment for yourself.

Have a Happy Valentines Day and Enjoy!



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Published on Feb 12 2013

Last Updated on May 28 2015

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