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The Look: Soft, Romantic, Beautiful

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.20.54 PM
Midnight Velvet Model

There is a beautiful sun-kissed glow about this look achieved by an overall dusting of our m. vie Bronzer. The cheeks are blushed with Precious Pink Blush. The eyes are rimmed with the Brown Eye Pencil creating a soft definition as opposed to a Black Pencil. Golden Girls is the eyeshadow applied to her eyelids and Bark deepens the outer corner of the eyes with a hit of Blush on the brow bone for added warmth. Finally, the lips sparkle with Paso Pink Lipstick and are glossed over with the Bronzeberry Lipshine.

Try this gorgeous Spring look and feel confident that you can go anywhere in elegant style. 🙂





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Published on Jan 18 2014

Last Updated on Jan 27 2015

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