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The Look: Mo’s Suitcase: Global Style

When traveling for work or pleasure, there’s a fine line between fashionable and comfortable. There’s a look that I define as “global style”. Choose pieces that you can go anywhere with and look your best in any climate. Here’s a peek into my suitcase:  MV skinny jeans, a classic white shirt, black turtle neck and blazer. High boots and a pair of flat shoes. And always a “little black dress with heels”. I wear a neutral lip like m. vie’s Paso Pink, and a rosy cheek, aka Precious Pink Blush, to look awake during the flight. Then, I pack  Poppy red lipstick and Black eye pencil to look alive when I arrive! Haha… and always a Smoke mascara to brighten up the eye!

Safe Travels whether it’s across town or across “ the pond”! Lookin’ good ladies;)



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Published on Nov 15 2013

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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