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Skin Cancer Scare

Recently,  more loved ones than I care to admit have been faced with Basal Cell Carcinoma. This is a very common form of skin cancer usually found on the face and neck. While you know I am a huge fan of wearing sunscreen, sadly the sun damage we did to our skin a long time ago is surfacing in our adult years. While any sentence with the word cancer in it is very scary, fortunately Basal Cell is most easily treated if caught in time and is NOT to be confused with Melanoma which is malignant. Please take note of any new growths, moles tumors and have them checked by a dermatologist ASAP.

Something I’ve just learned regarding the healing process after having these little lovelies removed is that massaging of the scar is just as important as the cream you apply to the scar. Aquaphor is recommended by many respected Dr.’s as the cream of choice. The good news is… this is an inexpensive, over the counter cream;) Even if you choose to go with Aquaphor, a prescription or designer cream, more importantly you must massage the scar several times a day to break down the scar tissue. This minimizes the appearance of the scar in the long run.

Also, when recovering it is important to keep the scar out of the sun! Using a bandage is practical but not so pretty. So being that some of my friends are true “fashionistas”, they have been sporting scarves over the bandages that appear on their necks.

Please wear sunscreen and remind your friends to do the same;)



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Published on Jul 21 2011

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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