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Behind the Scenes: Sneak Peek-Fall Indulgence



It seems like yesterday we were shooting the MV Fall Catalogue last Spring. Now it’s Summer and the Fall Catalogue should be coming your way soon.

Check out all of the fabulous new MV Fall Fashions for you and your home. Here are some pics of us putting together the shot for our new, exclusive Midnight Velvet […]

The Look: Summer Must-Haves

Our gorgeous MV model pictured here represents the quintessential Summer look. A fresh face with a bit of color is achieved by using 4 key items: Mineral Foundation, Lavender Mist, Bronzer and Blush, applied in that order.

And as the warmth of Summer is upon us, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that you’re a bit more dewy […]

Behind the Scenes: MV Holiday 2014 Shoot



The past three weeks were spent in Miami on a photo shoot. While the rest of the country had been experiencing ice and snow, somehow Miami remained balmy and unscathed, other than the occasional tropical storm!

Whew, we just wrapped the MV Holiday 2014 shoot in Chicago. Lots of sparkly, glamorous “must-haves” coming your way! 🙂 

We […]

Ask Maureen: How to Make Whites of Eyes Whiter?

Q: “How do I make the whites of my eyes whiter?”

Good question, other than eyedrops and a good night’s sleep, there is a little trick to try. Simply apply a Navy Blue Eye Pencil to the inner lower rim of the eye. The blue appears to brighten the whites of the eyes:)



P.S. Have a question […]

Behind the Scenes: My Favorite Contest!



It’s that time of year again! No, not when you can get a tan or not when you can put the top down on your convertible . Well, you can most definitely do those things but I’m talking about the time of year when you can enter the Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest!!

It’s one of my […]

Beauty Tips: Fun in the Sun!



As much as I’m a fan of sunscreen all year round, I believe a few added measures of protection, especially during the Summer months, are a favorable addition to your beauty regime.

In addition to a sunscreen the m. vie Mineral Foundation provides added protection to the face. The minerals themselves deflect the sun’s rays to […]