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New Year…New Beginnings!

Happy 2011! This is surely the time for resolutions and new beginnings. One thing that I like to do at the beginning of the New Year is turn to the last page of my NEW datebook. Yes, I still like the old school datebook in addition to any electronics that come in as a close second. Call me old fashioned…I call it back up! Anyway, I write a list of goals for the New Year and take great pleasure in checking off the goals as the year goes on. It’s amazing to see what one can manifest when one puts forth intention. The first thing I can quickly check off is… Back to yoga!

So, that’s one of my goals…what are some of yours? Perhaps, you could get started on your goals by checking “Buy M. Vie Starter Kit” off your list? BTW, It’s ok if you have roll-over goals!

Happy New Year!

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Published on Jan 02 2011

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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