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MV to SC…The Backstory



The above photo is the cover of my new magazine, Shoot Clique. I gather the information and my business partner Robyn puts it all together into a modern, online presentation. Photographer Stephen Wolter shot this image for the cover, Makeup by Darcy McGrath, Hair by Sharon Giersch and Styling by Jesse Rodriguez. What a beautiful collaborative effort.

It all started with a monthly newsletter I used to send out. It was full of  information I gathered while traveling and working on shoots. Mostly, the content was comprised of beauty tips, fashion secrets and “who’s doing what” in our curious industry. Through this newsletter, an inquiry came from Midnight Velvet, a long standing catalogue client of mine, as to if I might consider doing something similar for them? Hence this blog, m. vie Mineral Makeup and Luminosity Skincare were born.

All of the above have lead me to morph the information and networking spirit I like to share with others into the on line magazine, Shoot Clique. This forum allows not only me to share information but other like minded people to submit ideas, images and articles. I invite you to have a look, comment or contribute to the publication. If you choose to just follow along, please subscribe on the home page…it’s Free!

I guess the message I’d like to convey by sharing this story is to follow your dreams…you never know where they will lead you! I feel very fortunate to be a part of MV and SC;)



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Published on Mar 03 2012

Last Updated on Nov 04 2015

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