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MV in AZ!




Well we are at it again. As it’s heating up across the country, and I mean really heating up in AZ, MV is beginning the Fall 2012 photo shoot. We are always shooting in opposite seasons. So, as you can imagine it is really hard to know what to wear. The trick while on shoots is to dress in layers. It’s usually a bit cooler in the mornings and evenings while on location, so jackets, boots and sweaters are required. Inevitably we are down to shorts, skirts and tank tops by noon. Many times I still wear a long sleeve shirt in the height of the heat to protect my skin from the mid-day sun.

It’s so great to be with the MV crew again. Being the road warriors that we’ve all become, it is comforting to know we will all be joining forces to create the next beautiful MV catalogue for you. We’ve become one big happy family at a photo/family reunion:)

Stay tuned for more new MV updates;)




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Published on Apr 17 2012

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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