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Mother’s Day

Hello to all you Mothers, Daughters and Sons. Please join me in celebrating the Moms of this world by sharing some “Mom” beauty tips that have been passed on through the decades.

Some friends, as well as our own Mothers, have written in to Serena’s MV Style blog and kindly shared their Mother’s Beauty secrets. I have chosen a few of them to elaborate on as follows:

My mom taught me to be extra careful when applying makeup or moisturizer around my eyes—she said to apply it using my ring finger, because it’s the weakest and won’t tug as much. She also said to never use hot water on your face-just slightly this side of cool so that you won’t dry out your skin. -Annissa B. True! True and True! However, be sure to use and eye cream around the eyes instead of moisturizer. While moisturizer is great for the face, it is designed to retain moisture which can cause puffiness around the eyes. These days there are great eye creams designed specifically to condition the eye area and take away puffiness!

Robyn writes: “in winter when you don’t have any color, pinch your cheeks to make them pink!” This is a good one. Just don’t pinch too hard! We want to avoid any broken capillaries.

Kendra writes: my mom used to use cold cream on her lids…. very sparingly and it had a really pretty shine to her lids…. she didn’t really wear much make up. did use colored mascara, navy and forest green… the navy was kind of cool….. it seems that Kendra’s mom was ahead of her time as there are now makeup products made specifically for the eyes to add that shine!

Serena’s Mom Says: Sunscreen every day-even in winter! Always wash makeup off before going to bed. Don’t frown, it focuses all of your worry into your face. Find another way to let your tension escape. The sunscreen rule holds true to this day. The sun’s UV rays promise to do more harm than good when it comes to aging and damaging the skin.

Gert writes: When I was becoming concerned w/my appearance and still chewing gum my mother (Maureen’s grandmother) advised me to look in the mirror the next time I had gum in my mouth. Needless to say that was the last time I put gum in my mouth. And needless to say, Yours Truly does not chew gum either. Funny how these little things can endure generations! This tip has made me a mints kind of gal. Fresh breath is another little beauty hint-hint! LOL

So remember to show Mom just how much you appreciate her with a lovely gift, such as a designer fragrance or just simply spend some quality time together!

Thanks for sharing and Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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Published on May 03 2010

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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