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Moisturize With m. vie Mineral Mist!

After traveling from Coast to Coast for shoots, twice during this past week,  I am reminded of how dehydrating all this travel can be. In addition to the dry recycled air on the planes, the climates across the country vary so much, especially at this time of year. These two things combined create dryness and confusion for the skin.  Our m. vie Mineral Mist has been a saving grace for my skin lately. Not only is it designed to set and refresh the Mineral Foundation but it is calming and hydrating for the skin.

If you find yourself traveling as well, perhaps transfer some Mineral Mist into a smaller spray bottle to carry on board. Alternatively, you will find a smaller size of the Mist in our Cosmetic Starter Kits. BTW, these kits are great for travel!

Happy hydrating!



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Published on Apr 07 2011

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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Buy Now, Pay Later Learn More