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m. vie on Facebook!

Well I finally gave in and joined the world of Facebook but only for the love of m.vie! I realize the power of social media in “getting the word out”…so in hopes to spread the word about our fantastic mineral makeup, m.vie, I will be at your humble service to interact and share beauty tips and products with you on the Facebook forum.

Here’s a sneak peek at my most recent post!

It’s true that you should clean your makeup brushes often. They can gather a lot of bacteria, and who wants that applied to their face? Here’s a basic cleansing process from Maureen, our beauty expert. To clean, simply run under warm water and work a small amount of shampoo through the bristles. When the water runs clear (with no tint from the makeup), reshape them and lay them to dry flat. Don’t stand them up to dry, as the moisture then settles and weakens the bond between handle and brush.

Please go to our Facebook page and join in the fun by clicking the “like” button and please “share” with your friends!

Thank you and hope to see you there!



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Published on Mar 30 2011

Last Updated on Jan 27 2015

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