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Juice Power

You know the saying, everything old is new again? Well the art of juicing may not be anything new BUT it’s new to me. I was recently inspired by some friends in the UK who do this as part of their daily routine. They begin their mornings with fresh juices, combining organic fruits, vegetables, beet and ginger root creating a really yummy way to start the day. I honestly felt my body come alive after a few days of trying this with them!

So off to the Farmers Market upon returning to LA… Juicer set up and ready to go… I have now added the art of  juicing to my continued efforts towards looking and feeling fabulous! BTW, I do see a difference in my complexion as well;)

Speaking of… the Feeling Fabulous Makeover winners arrive in Chicago this Sat. Can’t wait to meet them in person and create more magical makeovers and memories with MV at Maxine Salon.

Anyway, back to juicing, friends have been sharing recipes and fun combinations for this new venture of mine. My friend and now juicing expert, Tricia, suggested saving some of the pulp and adding vinegar, oil and tahini to make a delicious salad dressing. This way nothing goes to waste. Well, there’s always compost;)

I did notice Ginny’s has a nice juicer at a great price if you’d like to give it a try!? If you do give it a go, please share some of your favorite combos with me:)



PS Don’ forget the cucumber…slices in the juice and on the eyes (to take down puffiness) !


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Published on Sep 21 2011

Last Updated on Jul 08 2016

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