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It’s A Wrap!

Just a little sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes while shooting the MV Spring 2011 catalogue. This fine looking crew represents how many people it takes to make just one beautiful photo. From left to right: Photo Assistants Daniel and Jason, Digital Tech Michael, Wardrobe Stylist Jesse, Photographer Extrodinaire Steven, Art Director Marcus, Graphic Designer Lisa, Moi and Stylist Assistant Nanni. Actually, we are missing four more team members (if you can believe that!) from the pic as two of them were the ones taking our crew pic…

…our gorgeous model Thalita, hairdresser Lellis and trusty mascot Rugby! Not pictured, because he was always on the move, our never tiring, multi-tasking producer, David!

Yes, it takes a village or just a really dedicated, well seasoned crew to bring you the beautiful pages of Midnight Velvet!

One last look at some of the predicaments we get into just to “get the shot”! Our fearless leader, Marcus, really getting his feet wet…literally!

I hope you enjoyed a glance behind the scenes at MV. Again, there are so many great surprises in store for you this coming Spring!!! Now back to reality…I think it’s really Fall?


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Published on Oct 20 2010

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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