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Irish Eyes!


Top o’ the morning’ to ya! It’s almost St. Patty’s day, the day when EVERYONE is Irish. Green food, green flowers (shamrocks too),  green beer and sometimes even green hair! What is it about this day that makes everyone feel as though they need to sport a bit o’ green?

I think it must be the hearty party spirit of the Irish that gets everyone going;) With havin’ a bit o’ Irish in my heritage, I definitely like to give a nod to the day by donning a little green myself. Those that know me will laugh at the thought of me wearing anything but black HOWEVER it doesn’t neccessarily have to be my clothing, does it? As mentioned above, there are all kinds of ways to wear green so why not wear some green eye shadow and/or eye pencil? There is a fabulous Mint Leaves green eye shadow in our m. vie Spring  Tangerine Dream Eye Trio. Not to mention a gorgeous Green Light Mineral Gem to give you the look as seen on our Midnight Velvet cover model above. 😉 Or try simply lining your eyes with our m. vie Green Eye Pencil for a more subtle approach? One can still be seasonably fashionable while sporting a bit o’ St. Patty’s Day spirit;)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and may the luck o’ the Irish be with ya!




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Published on Mar 14 2012

Last Updated on May 28 2015

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