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Feeling Fabulous Makeovers Are About To Begin!


Sitting in the Admirals Club at LAX and delayed yet again. Not sure what is going on as there is not a cloud in the sky here. Oh well, I’ll just turn this inconvenience into an opportunity to blog away!

I’m noticing all of the many travelers and their different looks, accents, ages and dispositions. Some are rushing by fast and furious while others bide their time, such as myself. The one thing 99.9% of these people have in common is some sort of communication device attached to their bodies. In a hand pocket, bag or lap there sits an iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, MacBook Pro, Dell or Sony laptops, iPad, Kindle or Nook etc. Some even operating two to three devices simultaneously. It brings to mind the question, whatever did we do before all of this technology? Good old fashioned conversation perhaps?

I, of course, am thinking of the exciting weekend that awaits me in Chicago where MV welcomes the new winners of the Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest. We have two lovely ladies arriving tomorrow for the treat of a lifetime. Not only will they receive head to toe makeovers from the talented staff at Maxine Salon but they will receive a beautiful new wardrobe from MV complete with fashion forward styles and accessories. They will then be wined, dined and toured through the Windy City. I can’t wait for you to see the “before” and “after” photos we will be taking of our lovely ladies not to mention the new makeover video! Hopefully there will be many smiling faces as a result of this contest.

So stay tuned, to whatever “Smart” device you may have, for the makeover results in the very near future!



PS I am currently operating only two devices myself;)







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Published on Sep 21 2012

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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