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I need to take a moment and share with you my first assignment as “Beauty Expert” for MV. I was asked to choose four winners for the Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest. Now this may sound simple but let me tell you it was no easy task. The response was overwhelming. I spent days and weeks pouring over the nearly 1,700 entries and only four winners could be chosen.

Trust me, I would have loved to give each and every one of the contestants a makeover. However, being that this was not even a remote possibility, I agonized in selecting the winners as there were so many riveting stories.

However, I am pleased to say, in the end, I truly feel good about the choices and can’t wait to share the “before and after” photos of the winners. I am sure there will be some exciting results! You will see makeovers from different age groups as well as various skin tones that you may personally identify with and possibly obtain beauty ideas for yourselves.

All that being said, here’s to cucumber slices on the eyes (to take down puffiness) and chamomile tea (for sleepless nights) to soothe you from whatever your tasks at hand may be!


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Published on Apr 12 2010

Last Updated on Jan 27 2015

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