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Behind the Scenes: More Than Meets the Eye



When snow falls on cedars and the temperature outside is 90 degrees a Winter Wonderland can be created for your viewing pleasure;) That is the funny thing about the fashion industry, we create beautiful images six months prior to you seeing them in the catalogues and magazines. Sometimes we have to travel to distant lands andutilize our creativity to conjure up the settings needed to project the desired Seasonal feeling.

There are also a few more people than you might think necessary to create just one image. We start with the model then there is not only a wardrobe stylist and assistant, to make sure the clothes fit the model properly, but a prop stylist and assistant to set the scene for a photo. We call this dressing the set;)

A photo crew usually consists of the an Art Director, Producer, Photographer, 2-3 photo assistants, of course hair and makeup artists and sometimes a few special effects people;)

So, a lot more than meets the eye goes into one single photograph;) Maybe the next time you look at a catalogue or magazine you might see it from a different perspective? Like from “behind the scenes” (we say BTS).

Happy Viewing!



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Published on Jul 12 2013

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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