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Behind the Scenes: Marcellas and Maureen/The Dynamic MV Fashion/Beauty Duo


Maureen Burke & Marcellas Reynolds


The makeover videos from our 2013 Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest are hot off the press! You will see a new face chatting about the various fashions our fabulous winners are wearing. Meet Marcellas Reynolds.

What can I say about Marcellas? He has always had a great sense of style and tons of charm and charisma!

Marcellas and I met some years ago, in Chicago, while both in the throws of our blossoming Fashion/Beauty careers. Although we have traveled, both far and wide, somehow our paths continue to cross…and it’s amazing every time!

Throughout my wonderful journey in developing  m. vie Mineral Makeup and working hand in hand with Midnight Velvet, I’ve thought of Marcellas from time to time:) and how his style and expertise would be a great addition to our Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest. As it is a head-to-toe makeover experience for our winners, it all made sense to add him to the mix! From his own appearance on Big Brother to working with celebrities on the Red Carpet, Marcellas is a natural fit for Midnight Velvet!

I hope you enjoy our dynamic collaboration with the new Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest winners!

The ladies look gorgeous!




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Published on Jan 07 2014

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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