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Behind the Scenes: Glam Looks for Fall 2013


Midnight Velvet Photo Shoot


We are at it again, creating the next beautiful Midnight Velvet Catalogue. This time we are shooting glamorous looks for Fall 2013.  As it’s heating up in Arizona we are trying to keep it cool, cool looking that is. We usually shoot 6 months ahead as it takes so much time to get the catalogue mail ready. So we are usually shooting opposite seasons to the one we are living in;) Sometimes I get confused as to what month it really is:)

Firstly, the Art Directors at MV create a layout for the catalogue. The copy writers provide the text explaining the products. We then shoot the images on location. Once the images are edited and approved by corporate they are placed in the layouts. The catalogue pages are then proofed for perfection before being sent to the printer. This process crosses many desks to before completion. Once the books are printed and assembled, they are then addressed and mailed to you:)

So many talented people are involved in just one book! It’s such a pleasure to be a part of the creative process. Enjoy!


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Published on Apr 19 2013

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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