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Beauty Tips: Our Starter Kit Reviews


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I was noticing some of you wrote a review our m. vie Mineral Makeup Starter Kit. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I’d like to acknowledge a few of these reviews and comment as well.

Eva from Portsmouth, VA writes: I love, love, love this product it was the first time I have ever used mineral make up and I can’t believe how awesome it is. I will never wear foundation again. It was a perfect match because I have very fair skin that burns easily. I have received so many compliments on how beautiful my skin looks. It is truly amazing. I was hesitant to 

purchase this product because I also have very sensitive skin but I have only had positive results. It is well worth its price and I will purchase it time and time again. My mom who doesn’t wear make up is asking for some. I am extremely satisfied.”

My Response: “Wow Eva, we couldn’t ask for a nicer review, thank you! Yes, the minerals help protect the skin from outdoor elements and some of the ingredients like green tea extract and lavender are calming to a sensitive skin. Glad you you are enjoying the product!” 

Millie from Archbald, PA writes: “Foundation was perfect for my face. Coverage is great. Blush and lipstick were too dark, though.”

My Response: “Thank you Millie. So glad you like the foundation, it’s my favorite too. Try tapping the blush brush once the product is on the brush. This allows for a softer application. Then go over the blush with the excess foundation on the foundation brush. This helps to blend the blush. Also, if you add clear lip gloss to the lipstick this will soften the color. At least you can get some use of the colors. Hopefully, you will try other colors the next time.”

Candis from Tampa, FL writes: “After using the mineral makeup, I do not want to go back to liquid or regular makeup. I can see why women love this product :D”

My Response: “Yes, Candis, I agree. This m. vie Mineral foundation is a much more natural look and feel compared to a liquid foundation.”

Shirley from Chicago, IL writes: “The makeup was very nice. The container too small for that price.”

My Response:  “Hi Shirley. Yes, the containers are smaller in the starter kit than if you purchased them separately. This makeup is different that most as it is such a high quality product, it is very concentrated and a little bit goes a long way.”

Thank you again Ladies for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I learn so much from you all everyday!


P.S. If you have questions about our m.vie Mineral Makeup Starter Kit, check out How & Why Mineral Makeup Video:

Simple “How and Why” mineral makeup application tips from Maureen Burke


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Published on May 18 2014

Last Updated on Nov 06 2014

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