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Beauty Tips: Freshen Up Your Makeup Bag for Fall


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It’s time to clean out your makeup bag and freshen it up for Fall. Here are a few helpful hints:)

1. Discard your old Mascara and upgrade to a new one… Mascara gets dry and bacteria ridden fast!

2. Revaluate your Foundation color. As your tan starts to fade, let it go gracefully. Transition into the next lighter shade of Foundation by blending the two together until your skin tone fades to match the new Foundation.

3. Select a deeper shade of Lipstick that’s in your palette to compliment your new MV Fall Fashions.

4. Choose a complimentary shade of Blush to coordinate with the Lipstick you chose. Sweep a bit of blush across the apples of your cheeks as well as your brow bone to pull the whole look together.

5. Clean your Brushes for sanitary purposes. This will also allow you to get the truest color application from your new Fall colors.

With these few tips, you should be looking awesome this Autumn!




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Published on Oct 04 2014

Last Updated on Jan 27 2015

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