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Ask Maureen: What Should I Do to Get My Skin Ready For Fall?

Q: “What Should I Do to Get My Skin Ready For Fall?”


Great question. Exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate! All of the dry dead skin from the Summer “fun in the sun” needs to be removed so you can start a new. Try your local Spa/Salon to see if they are offering any specials on Body Scrubs/Body Polishes. If that’s not in your plan try mixing some Jojoba Oil with a little Sea Salt and a dash of your favorite essential oil like Lavender, perhaps and there you have a little DIY Body Scrub.

Once in the shower, gently apply mixture to your damp body in circular motions. Don’t rub too hard as the salt does the exfoliating for you…then rinse clean. When you’re done your skin should feel soft and new:) Whether you DIY or are pampered by a professional, your skin will thank you! Enjoy:)


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Published on Sep 05 2014

Last Updated on Nov 06 2014

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