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Ask Maureen: Rosy Holiday Cheeks?

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Q: “Should I cut back on blush during the holidays? We already get flushed cheeks in winter and after some eggnog, so I don’t want to look that rosy at holiday gatherings? What works best this time of  year?”


That’s a great question. If you have a tendency to naturally blush or get a bit flushed, the m. vie Mineral Foundation calms the skin and evens out the skin tone. Setting and refreshing the foundation with the Mineral Mist will also calm the skin. So less is more when it comes to adding more color to the cheeks. Stay away from a blush with too much red in it. More of a neutral blush like our beautiful Burnished or Terra Cotta will tone the natural redness down and give you the definition you desire to make your cheek bones pop. 



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Published on Dec 13 2013

Last Updated on Nov 07 2014

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