Marcellas Reynolds, Celebrity Stylist, joins the Midnight Velvet team to offer fashion tips and style advice in an exciting 40 seconds! Take a look at his video about the prints & patterns trend.

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It’s all about prints & patterns, & plaid.

From houndstooth to plaid, take a look at how to wear this season’s hottest prints & patterns.

It’s all about prints, patterns, and plaid. One of my favorite plaids is houndstooth. It’s chic bold and graphic and it definitely makes a statement. It’s also classic. I love a modern way of wearing it with a black skirt for a dressy look. But if I was gonna do it, t-shirt, a pair of leggings, and these super chic flats. And what’s great about these flats is, it’s two trends in one. So you’ve got the houndstooth and you’ve got the flat.

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