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Enhance Your Style with Marcellas Reynolds Sweepstakes

Marcellas Sweepstakes with Midnight Velvet

Marcellas Sweepstakes with Midnight Velvet.

This sweepstakes has ended.

Congratulations to:

Janene P. from Pensacola, FL
April O. from Centerville, OH
Geraldine M. from Hamilton, GA
Sheryl S. from St. Louis, MO 
Carol B. from Gainseville, FL 
Amber G. from Lapeer, MI
Vanessa R. from Philadelphia, PA 

Patricia H. from Lewisville, TX

Enjoy our videos: 

Reboot Your Style, Opening Night Glam, Nine Essentials for Fall, How to Wear Fringe:


Power Up Your Wardrobe, Rev Up in Red, Love Those Leggings, Get Your Gauchos On:


62 thoughts on “Enhance Your Style with Marcellas Reynolds Sweepstakes

  1. Love the fring handbags

  2. love the dress and the pumps just the right height for me and dress is perfect

    1. Get off the computer mom and stop shopping! ????????

    2. Don’t listen to him Clarice! You just keep shopping! 🙂 We just love working with your son! 🙂

      1. Ha ha ha ha! OMG! This is just too funny! I told you my mom, aunts and sisters are Midnight Velvet fans!

  3. Love all things fringe

    1. Love love love! It’s a fun accent!

  4. love the tip on the metallix=c shoes

    1. That’s a good tip Deb! Metallic shoes are so versatile!

  5. I do not own a pair of high -knee boots. but, I think Im gonna give them a try. With all the legging out there to wear with boots , I cantwait to try.

    1. It’s a great look! And don’t be scared to try high boots with skirts too for work!

  6. I like to leopard boots

  7. Love getting the catalogs in the mail. Their clothes may be a bit expensive, but their clearance section is grest. Also
    They have unique works of art and drawings you can get for your home. My mom and sister love them too.

    1. Dorothye thanks for shopping with us! And say hi to your mom and sister!

  8. Could not access the videos??

    1. Hello, Sorry to hear this. Can you check and see if it’s working now and if not, could you try to send a screenshot so we can see the error or message you are receiving. We would love to figure out why the video doesn’t show up for you. Our email Thanks.

  9. I love the fringe items and will incorporate a few into my fall wardrobe.

    1. Great to hear Mell! 🙂

  10. Love the red trench coat! Red is one of my favorite colors (along with black) and can go with so much!

    1. The red trench is one of my fave pieces from our Fall Collection! It’s classic and will last for ages!

  11. Would like that black dress in at. Ankle leight and a long sleeve everything look so nice

    1. I’d like that too, my arms are thin from lost of weight, and I can’t wear heals due to R/A. Ned size 8 or 10

  12. I love all of the different boot styles. I have a purple pair with the gold tone accents. Waiting to rock them with leggings this fall.

    1. Yass’s Zundra! That sounds amazing!

  13. Love how he showed so many ways to dress your leggings. I personally couldn’t live without them.

  14. Red is my favorite color and I need that red trench in my life! I have a yellow one and I often pair it up with black and white. Black and white with a strong color pop is a go to style for me. You just cannot go wrong with that look especially in the work environment.


  16. Love the glamorous social wear – the colors and styles look awesome. The nine essentials are great – the animal print boots – grrrrrrr – match up well with the jewelry and a nice outfit of any color.

    1. Carmen this comment made my day! Thank you so much for watching our videos!

  17. I love all of the fashions shown. My plan is to wear an outfit in each of the categories. Having lost 140 pounds and dropped originally from a size 20-22 to a size 4, I’m going for it. I didn’t like a size 4 being as tall as I am so, now I’m a size 10 but still a hot Glam-Ma!!! yea me!!!!

    1. Janice this is my fave comment ever! Do you Glam-Ma! And rock it! Congrats on the weight loss!

  18. Wow I am so glad fringe is back.I used to love it when I was younger.Such a AWESOME look!!

  19. I’m all about the fringe and leopard bootie! Accessories are everything.

  20. I like the mix and match outfits he shows. Using the basics can create many different casual and sophisticated outfits.

  21. I like the faux suede fringe gray booties.

  22. I luv the way he can take a few items and turn them into an almost complete wardrobe. And also love the boots!

  23. Very nice

  24. Love the shrug idea, can be worn with any outfit.Awesome and beautiful idea!!!!! Loved all the shoes!!!

  25. Love everything in your catalog.

  26. I have to have the black strug jacket ! That I would wear with jeans or a over a sleeveless dress… That is a must have !

  27. Love all the fringed pieces. The jacket was really nice!

  28. I love the wide leg pants and vest outfits! Can be dressed up or down and be worn anywhere, as he suggested. The red pumps and bag really amp the look up!

  29. I learned how to change the look of gaucho pants and dress them up for evening. I like them best for daytime with the tall boots.

  30. My sister adores the tall fringe boots and I want to get them for her for Christmas. I am going to ( I hope!) open a credit account to buy them for her.

  31. My sister ( sister # 1 ) tall fringed boots. I am going to buy a pair on credit ( I hope ) for her for Christmas ). I’ve already purchased a present for a mutual friend for her birthday and paid cash For it, and its beautiful!! It’s for her 50th birthday and we can’t wait to give it to her on January 3rd.

  32. My sister ( sister # 1 ) tall fringed boots. I am going to buy a pair on credit ( I hope ) for her for Christmas ). I’ve already purchased a present for a mutual friend for her birthday and paid cash For it, and its beautiful!! It’s for her 50th birthday and we can’t wait to give it to her on January 3rd.

  33. I love how he mixes different wardrobe pieces and yet always looks chic!

  34. Those leggins are out of this world! Loved the leather front ones and also the spiral lace. that red sweater was fabulous with them. Good job!

  35. Love the red trench type coat. So versatile!

  36. love those leopard boots he is showing! Also the jacket.

  37. I love the way he changes the gaucho outfit around. Dressing it up or down.

  38. I love that reptile zipper tote. I like the idea of it having both black and brown on it which makes it go with any outfit. Love his ideas of style.

  39. I love the knee high fringe flat boots!! I’m a very boho-chic!!!

  40. I love the accessory ideas he presents with each outfit.

  41. are you going to ever bring the dress up peacoat back I love it and really want it please

  42. A very stylish fellow with great ideas. I love the way he uses boots with different outfits!

  43. Love your posts. You have such style and flare. I had problems coordinating, you gave me some great ideas

    Love yah !

    Clarice Chicago

    1. Great to hear Clarice! Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  44. Hello Marcellas,

    I wore my black and white duster with a red skirt, black tee and carried a red handbag. All thanks to you….

    1. This is great to hear Vanessa! 🙂

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