Marcellas Reynolds, Midnight Velvet’s Style Expert, welcomes YOU to the golden age-a great color trend to try! Take a look at tips & tricks from your personal fashion stylist.

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Marcellas Reynolds invites you to try a hot color trend-Golden Glam!

I’m celebrity fashion stylist, Marcellas Reynolds from Midnight Velvet and welcome to the golden age, one of the hottest trends happening in fashion. Gold adds warmth, glamour, and excitement to any outfit.

Take this cream dress, the perfect dress for a big night out. Gold gems add glamour to this collar and how sexy is that gold zipper on the sleeve?

This lux, sparkly sweater is one of my favorite things and amp-ing up the sophistication, this wonderful gold pendant. And if you wanna go over the top, we’ve got that. This silky, shimmery, sparkly, wonderful gold jacket, over your basic tank with gold embellished jeans, takes the gold look to a whole other level.

And the hippest piece of the year, the gold embellished tunic. I love this shirt. I love the big gold zipper and I love how the gold beading makes a print. I would put this on one of my celebrity clients with a tight pair of black jeans and a hip pair of shooties.

There are a million ways to add golden shimmer to your style. This bootie with the big gold zipper and the gold fringe, this over-sized bag with gold studs and chain detail, yummy. I love these flats with the gold at the toe and the easiest way to add gold to your wardrobe, the statement necklace. And let’s not forget this classic quilted bag in a color with a gold chain. A jolt of gold amps up your style.

From Midnight Velvet, I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist.

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