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For the woman who adores hats

woman wearing a floppy hat

This just in: Hats aren’t only for winter. Do you love the look of a knitted beanie? Well, turns out you don’t have to stop wearing these head-covering accessories just because spring is here. Here’s a guide for all those fashion hat lovers out there:

Try floppy hats

Floppy hats in various colors and textures are back in style. Looking to rock the romantic, boho-chic look? A tan floppy hat will do the trick. Pair it with sandals, fashion sunglasses and a maxi dress, and you’ll look like you’re ready for a picnic or fair no matter what season it is. Or, personalize your look to fit your tastes.

woman wearing a floppy hat
Metallic Gold Stripe Floppy Hat

Give a woven hat a shot

Straw hats scream warm weather. If you want to embody that spring look, add a woven hat to your ensemble. This accessory come in various styles, from a women’s fedora hat to a sun hat – just choose one that best suits your personality. Hint: This hat looks great with a simple and clean outfit. Pair this accessory with your best denim and a crisp, white top. You’ll look spring ready from top to bottom.

woman wearing a woven hat
Woven Brim Floppy Hat

“A newsboy cap looks great in professional and casual settings.”

Rock a newsboy cap

If we’re being honest, fashion isn’t the only reason we wear hats. Every woman has a bad hair day, and throwing on this accessory can cover up the problem and make your getup even more fashionable. A newsboy cap is an amazing way to do exactly that. It has the same fit of a baseball cap – except it’s stylish. This works great to top off a menswear-inspired outfit.

This hat is traditionally made out of wool, tweed or leather, so it can be worn in causal settings, but can be easily dressed up, as well.

Angora Leopard Newsboy Hat
Angora Leopard Newsboy Hat

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Published on Mar 04 2016

Last Updated on Mar 19 2016

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