Marcellas Reynolds for Midnight VelvetGuest Post from Marcellas Reynolds. . .

Did you feel that? That shift in the air. Yes, it’s coming. Fall is upon us. Those lazy, crazy days of summer are past. But fear not fellow fashion lovers! You see when you love clothes (and we do, don’t we?) there is always something to look forward to! COAT SEASON! I am a boy who has many coats. I get bored wearing the same thing over and over. They say variety is the spice of life and if my closet were to tell it, my life is cayenne pepper hot!

Right now it’s early fall so it’s trench coat season. To me nothing is chic-er than a trench. It’s classic, cool and adds immediate polish to any outfit. As you know, I love color and my newest purchase is an army green trench with leather details. I can’t wait to wear it!

woman wearing a black winter coat with faux fur trim and faux fur hat & shrugDo I seem crazy if I say I can’t wait for winter? I have a gorgeous camel hair coat that I’ve had for easily 5 years. When you buy something that is classic, well-made and well-designed it lasts! Every winter I can’t wait to wear it. It’s such a great look; works with jeans and suits equally well. The way I keep it fresh is by updating the accessories I wear with it. So it’s new gloves, a grey fedora (CHIC!) or a brand new navy scarf. If you are working a black coat this season head over to Midnight Velvet and check out the faux fur Victoria Shrug! It’s lovely, hip and because it’s faux, it shows you have a heart!

So my ladies though I know we shall be sad with the passing of summer we have so much to look forward to fall/winter! Stay warm, look cute and be happy! For Midnight Velvet I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist.

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