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How to wear tangerine this spring

Flashy! Fiery! Fresh! Bold colors like yellow or tangerine have arrived on the fashion scene!  One of the hottest shades this season is tangerine, and there are so many different ways to style this color. It’s the citrus shade with plenty of appeal. If you have an orange piece in your closet that still has tags because you’re not sure how to wear it, look no further.

Watch our “Tangerine Twist” video and keep reading below for more ideas.

Pair it with denim

Since orange is such a bright shade, there are two approaches you can take: embrace the brightness and play it up, or tone it down with a more neutral piece. For a casual look, tone your tangerine top down with a simple pair of women’s jeans and a comfy set of sneakers. This is an especially easy look to pull off when you bring orange pants into the mix – pair them with a casual chambray top! An orange daytime dress with a denim jacket pulled over it is the ultimate chill look. There is a surprising number of combinations you can pull off when when you bring denim into the mix.

Keep it bright

Pair your orange pieces with other bright staples, like yellow slingback pumps or even a blue handbag. These pops of color will give you a very summery vibe, which is perfect for a sunny afternoon out on the town! If you do mix your bright staples with a neutral color, stick with gray or white. Not only are these better colors for this time of year, but wearing orange and black together will remind people too much of Halloween! Save the black pieces for autumn!

Check out our Tangerine Gallery below and make a comment on which look is your favorite!


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I would like to receive catalogs at my new address XXXXXXX.

Thanks Kathy! We will pass along your address to our Customer Service team. We edited your comment and removed you address for security purposes.

Like them all!!!!

I love the patterned dress! It is gorgeous!

That last pair of shoes😍😍😍😍😍

I bought the Tangerine gold button jacket. I’m planning to go to a summer concert and will wear the jacket with white pants. What’s the best way to accessorize this outfit?

Hi Jo Jo, Gold accessories would work nicely. Some gold sandals-flats or heels, earrings, necklace, etc. A white handbag would work well with gold accents or more tangerine? Hope you have lots of fun at the concert!

I was charge shipping when I order my merchandise then when I return some of the items I was charged shipping again then I was charge fee 2x so I owe 35,00 for returned merchandise will not order again here never been over charge from any company so much so midnight velvet made 35 .00 on me they sent me a tangerine top that was damaged had 2 black spots on it a ring that didn’t fit sent the wrong size a valance which was not good quality so it was sent back for that I was charge 35,00 in shipping and fees after I paid shipping to me they pay for nothing . just an FYI

Thanks for letting us know. We will email you to see if there is anything more we can do.

I like them all they are all so fashionable and I love color

I have a problem finding fashionable dresses in petite size 6. Your clothes are great but too large and long for me.

The Jacket is fabulous. It will really pull together a lot of different looks. Jeans with a cami and heels, a black or a white skirt depending upon the event, or a flouncy summery gypsy type skirt. I plan to get this in my next order. If it is still available , that is! I placed a nice size order today so, I will have to wait until the end of May. By then, it will be perfect, anyways!

Sounds great Scarlet! Thanks for the comment and compliment!!!

I love those colors, they really make you flash and stand out beautifully, must have the shoes for son’s graduation.

I love the tangerine dress with the zipper in the back. It is lovely! Also the criss cross shoes with the wooden heels. ( there are no prices included) I live in Barbados so I have to double up on the price. what can be done to make the prices more favourable to me.

Am just loving the styles

I love the styles of midnight velvet! I guess I’ll have to break down and get some of these products!

Yes, we think you should for sure Sarah!

Definitely the dress! You forgot to mention tangerine with khaki. The perfect combo.

Great call-out Tanya! Thanks for the comment!

I like the colors it makes you think spring

I bought a perfume awhile ago I would like to know if you still carry it.. I got a 3 pc set.. cologne, perfume body lotion and bath gel. Please ans this note the name of the product is Bijan

Hi Gladys, we were not able to locate this perfume. Do you have any other details about it? Thanks for your interest!

I love the color .it really pops for spring and
Summer! Classy but relaxed.

Thanks Sandra! We agree completely! 🙂

Hi, I like the tangerines dress with the zipper in the back and the shoes/color are great. Nicely done.

Only thing I can say color rock

Beautiful colors which I love, the styles are great ! Really hard to pick just one outfit.

Love them all!

I love my magazine. I call it my wish book and I’m always looking for new ideas and looks for school, ladies days, and Church. Please send me catalogs as soon as they come in.

A lot of class. Love the fashion colors. Orange makes a statement for all intertainment

I don’t know which one I love best.

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