Flashy! Fiery! Fresh! Bold colors like yellow or tangerine have arrived on the fashion scene!  One of the hottest shades this season is tangerine, and there are so many different ways to style this color. It’s the citrus shade with plenty of appeal. If you have an orange piece in your closet that still has tags because you’re not sure how to wear it, look no further.

Watch our “Tangerine Twist” video and keep reading below for more ideas.


Pair it with denim

Since orange is such a bright shade, there are two approaches you can take: embrace the brightness and play it up, or tone it down with a more neutral piece. For a casual look, tone your tangerine top down with a simple pair of women’s jeans and a comfy set of sneakers. This is an especially easy look to pull off when you bring orange pants into the mix – pair them with a casual chambray top! An orange daytime dress with a denim jacket pulled over it is the ultimate chill look. There is a surprising number of combinations you can pull off when when you bring denim into the mix.

Keep it bright

Pair your orange pieces with other bright staples, like yellow slingback pumps or even a blue handbag. These pops of color will give you a very summery vibe, which is perfect for a sunny afternoon out on the town! If you do mix your bright staples with a neutral color, stick with gray or white. Not only are these better colors for this time of year, but wearing orange and black together will remind people too much of Halloween! Save the black pieces for autumn!

Check out our Tangerine Gallery below and make a comment on which look is your favorite!