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Ultimate wardrobe pieces you need this winter

A woman on a sidewalk in a tan sleeveless vest with a faux fur hood over a black jacket, skinny jeans and black booties.

As the seasons change and the holidays roll around, you’ll want to buy a lot of new clothes. It can be tough to find the line between what you need to add to your wardrobe for practicality’s sake, and what you want because you saw someone stylishly rocking it in a magazine or on the street. This is especially an issue for women’s winter clothes, because there is such a wide variety to choose from. Here are the essential pieces to ensure you have in your closet this winter:

Proper outerwear

It’s going to get cold this winter, so it’s important that you’re prepared with the proper coats necessary to get through the season. If you live in a chilly climate, like the Midwest or East Coast, this is especially important. It’s crazy how quick the temperature can drop in those areas! Make sure your coat rack is complete with a fashionable coat and a functional one. Luckily, there are plenty of coats for women to choose from! On the stylish side, opt for a faux fur coat or wool peacoat in a fun color like royal blue or red. These are jackets that will look fabulous with a party dress or work outfit when the weather isn’t brutal, but they aren’t the best choice for everyday wear. On the functional side, look for a warm parka, filled with down or something wind resistant. This way, you’ll be toasty when the wind chill drops below zero but life goes on as usual.



When the weather gets chilly, you’ll want something cozy to curl up in at home. While those go-to flannel pants will always have a place in your lounging arsenal, there’s no reason not to treat yourself to a classy pair of silk pajamas for women. This is the perfect type of loungewear to have on when you give yourself an at-home spa treatment, complete with a face mask and mani-pedis. Speaking of pedicures, though, you’ll need a cozy pair of slippers to keep your feet warm this winter, especially if you have hardwood floors.


Wrap scarf

You’ll probably find yourself conflicted between fashion and warm winter scarves this season. You want your scarf to keep you warm when you’re outdoors, but want to leave it on when you’re indoors too, if it goes well with your outfit! If this is the case, there’s no beating a wrap scarf. These accessories are perfect for the winter, since they wrap around you like a blanket when you’re outside in the elements, but are perfect wraps for those chilly offices. Find one in a versatile color so it matches your winter coats, but transitions to indoor wear as well.


Like skinny jeans, leggings for women are important additions to your winter wardrobe because they can fit snugly inside your knee-high boots. We’re all familiar with the discomfort that comes with trying to shove a pair of flared jeans into your boots, but since leggings are so versatile, it’s easy to eliminate this problem! A black pair is absolutely essential, but it’s also worth investing in a few fun patterned pairs as well, that you can match with your solid-colored tops. Wear your leggings with one of your favorite cozy long sweaters or tunic shirts for a stylish and cozy look that’ll take you all through the winter. These leggings will even transition to great spring-wear, too!

fashion leggings


“Comfy and fashionable boots are essential this winter.”


What’s winter without stocking up on some comfy and fashionable boots? Like winter coats, it’s important to have at least one pair of functional boots in addition to your favorite ones that you wear for style’s sake. A pair of snow boots is essential for shoveling the walk and taking the kids sledding, but you don’t want to wear those to work or for a night out on the town. For days that you’re looking for fashion over function, opt for a pair of chic high heeled boots. When you want to toe the line between fashion and function, like running errands on the weekends, some riding boots or booties are always a great option.

Quilted Wedge Boot by Midnight Velvet
Quilted Wedge Boot by Midnight Velvet

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Published on Dec 16 2016

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