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Transitional pieces you need

Shania Printed Duster from Midnight Velvet.

As quickly as summer seems to arrive, the leaves begin to change and that humid heat turns into a cool breeze. Many women find themselves unprepared for this quick transition, with all of their fall pieces still stored away to make room in the closet for summer staples. Luckily, a lot of your summer wardrobe can actually be tweaked to transition to fall. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a little bit of shopping as well! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your summer wardrobe:

Layer, layer, layer

One of the best ways to continue wearing your summer clothes well into the cooler months is to layer. Invest in a chic cape that you can throw on when you’re walking out the door, or keep your cardigans and light fall jackets handy. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to layering your pieces. You can even continue wearing your favorite maxi dress if you just pair a cozy chunky sweater over it!

It’s not just the top half of your body that you can layer, either. Whether you’re a dress or a shorts kind of gal during the warm months, you can continue wearing those pieces with a simple pair of tights beneath them. Go for some fun patterns or cut outs when the weather is cooling down, and try thicker, opaque or sweater tights when the real chill hits.

The trick to successfully pulling off a layered look is to pair bigger tops like long sweaters, tunics or flannels over lean bottoms, like skinny jeans or tights. This look is comfortable and chic, rather than bulky and slovenly.

Shania Printed Duster from Midnight Velvet.
Shania Printed Duster from Midnight Velvet ►

Opt for boots

There are definitely ways to rock a summer dress and some boots without looking like early-in-her-career Taylor Swift. First off, stay away from calf-high Western-style boots. Instead, try some cowboy booties or a pair of wedge boots for a nice fall edge. Suede is a great option for fall because you won’t have to worry about snow or rock salt messing up the fabric yet. If you want something that’ll also transition to winter, though, opt for some leather booties. For a rock-and-roll edge, look for a pair of combat or motorcycle boots to wear with it.

Spring Footwear Linquette Bootie from Midnight Velvet
Spring Footwear Linquette Bootie from Midnight Velvet ►

“Layer a jacket and scarf over your sun dress.”

Add a scarf

The great thing about scarves is the fact that there is such a huge variety to choose from. From light and breezy silk and pashmina wraps to chunky and cozy winter scarves, there’s one to be worn at all times. It’s also one of the easiest methods of getting a summer outfit appropriate for fall. Layer a jacket and scarf over your sun dress and booties for a carefree, comfortable look that’s still stylish – for any season.

Oleander Scarf from Midnight Velvet
Oleander Scarf from Midnight Velvet ►

Think about colors

It’s not just the amount of coverage that determines whether a piece is a summer or fall staple. The color also plays a large role. While pastels and bright colors are on trend for the summer, once the leaves start changing, jewel tones and deep colors begin making their way into the fall color palette. When you’re mixing pieces from each season in September, don’t be afraid to incorporate your pastels into your outfit as long as you balance it out with some fall-centric colors as well, like mustard, plum or teal.

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Published on Jul 29 2016

Last Updated on Jul 30 2016

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