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Spring 2017 Top Colors

A woman wearing a fitted Arizona inspired graphic skirt and a bright yellow jacket with matching yellow pumps.

It’s never too early to start thinking about spring! Whether fantasizing about new blooms and springtime fashion is what gets you through the cold winter or you just love the idea of incorporating brights back into your wardrobe, embrace the thought of the fashion that’s to come. In September, Pantone released the top 10 colors for spring and summer 2017 – they couldn’t wait either! The colors include:

  • Niagara
  • Primrose Yellow
  • Lapis Blue
  • Flame
  • Island Paradise
  • Pale Dogwood
  • Greenery
  • Pink Yarrow
  • Kale
  • Hazelnut

In true bright fashion, orange shades (like Flame,) yellows, (like Primrose) and turquoise shades like (Island Paradise) will be in hot demand this spring. Here are a few tips to rocking these Irresistible Colors: 


Orange is a surprisingly versatile color for being so bright! It’s a great option when you’re looking to channel a retro look with your outfit, but it can also be incredibly modern. For example, you can pair a bold orange dress heels with gray or black dress slacks for a pop of color, or fully embrace color and wear the hue in a dress or blouse that’s brightly patterned. An ever-surprising combination is orange and purple. While the idea may scare people off, the wild shades actually complement each other very well!

Watch Tangerine Twist Video >

A blonde woman wearing an orange side buttoned trench coat with zipper pockets, and white skinny jeans.


Many people are intimidated by the idea of rocking yellow as a statement color in their outfit, since it’s such a bold shade. It’s a popular accent, typically paired with black and white. However, there are plenty of ways to work it in to your outfit in a more daring way. Opt for a pale yellow or goldenrod as opposed to a neon yellow if you’re choosing a statement piece. 40 Plus Style suggests wearing a yellow coat with a neutral outfit. A yellow wool coat is a great option for those early spring days when it’s still chilly!

A woman wearing a fitted Arizona inspired graphic skirt and a bright yellow jacket with matching yellow pumps.


Turquoise is a shade that can also be as bright or neutral as you want it to be. For a boho look, there is always the option to mix your favorite neutrals and fringes with turquoise fashion jewelry sets. You can also channel a more prim and proper vibe by matching a light shade of turquoise with black and white – very “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Turquoise is one color that’s sure to draw attention, especially when strolling in turquoise wedges down the boardwalk.

A single cork wedge sandal with a light denim blue cutout upper and a blue cord that ties in front.

Comments (5)


I actually have worn both yellow and orange in the past and present. And I will difinetlly be wearing it in the continuous future. I love the colors. But only one suggestion. Theses colors look really awesome when the sun is out. It’s really beautiful when the sum hits these colors.

nelda chambers

I would a catalog and open a account with your company. My name is Nelda E. Chambers,446 Mt. Bethel Rd.,Harmony,N.C. 28634

Midnight Velvet

Sure Nelda. Thanks for the comment!


Very Classy, Beautiful and Feminine Line of Clothes. Now That’s What I Call Sexy: Sassy But Classy:)

J Brown

Yes, I agree. A beautiful color pallette for all shapes and sizes. I’m glad to see the bright colors coming into many lines of clothing – wish there was more classic “kelly green”. I’ve been looking or a long skirt for some time and a very nice green suit (not the shiny types). Redheads need more of the bold colors for the lighter shades of red. Grays are nice but the yellows, greens, bolder blues and darker reds are much more desirable.

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Published on Jan 09 2017

Last Updated on Nov 17 2020

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