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Summer Style Guide “Statement Looks For You & Your Home”

MV-Spring Style Guide Cover Image

Ready to make a statement this summer? Whether it’s a splash of cool tones, a sophisticated and contemporary look or straight-up glamour in your home and fashion, our trends have something for everyone. Look outside! Summer’s here and we’ll make the world your runway. Try a gilded look for your home decor, just in time for dinner parties with the windows open. Elevate your black-and-white game with a monochromatic pop for a hot night on the town. Find a chill, Mediterranean hue for a morning at the beach or pool. We’ve got you – and your home – covered.

Take a look at our Summer Statement style guide below.

Turn the pages with the arrow buttons on the bottom left.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Midnight Velvet-Summer 2017 Style Guide”]


Any trouble viewing the guide, click here for the online version. 


Whatever you’re feeling this summer, say it loud with your own brand of glamour and sophistication. Midnight Velvet is your summer stop for style inspiration – keep cool and shop on!

SHOP, in yellow text on a white background, with an arrow to link to another page.

Tell us how you plan to make a statement this summer season in the comments below.


Comments (53)

Carolyn Landolfi

This is not a good website. I wanted to purchase a clear plastic chunky necklace which I saw in my catalogue
and could not do it. If it is possible to order it, it was not easy to do so. I gave my catalogue to a friend. I can live without it.

Midnight Velvet

So sorry to hear this Carolyn. We’d love to get more details to learn how we can improve. We will email you.

Marsharee Wilkens

I’ve had same problem ordering great looking clothes on their website. It would never go to payment section. Kept giving me an error. I spent three days trying and retrying then finally called in and ordered by phone. That took forever too as lady taking my order had a lot of trouble. It was a pain. Hope the clothes I receive are worth the hassle. They need to repair their web site for easy ordering. So many other sites don’t have issues. Does make you wonder….

Midnight Velvet

Sorry to hear this Marsharee & Carolyn. We appreciate the feedback.

Dorothy Speed

I have not received my order that was due on the 9th.

Midnight Velvet

Sorry about this Dorothy. We will check into and let you know any issues.

Barbara F Peterson

New email address

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Barbara. We will get your information updated.

Ramona Collins

I have move to another state and you all want let me send for a catalog

Midnight Velvet

Hi Ramona, Can you please email us your account information and we’ll look into this for you? Our email is: Thaks!

Tammy Stokes

I would like to receive catalogs in the mail


Why does an item in catalog show sale price but when trying to order online can’t get it for sale price? Even when i put in item number. This happened on 3 things i chose. Forget it, will shop else where. This is not the 1st time this has happened. Stop sending catalogs if you can’t comply with the advertising.

Midnight Velvet

Hi Louann,
We are very sorry about this experience. Could you please email us more information? Some of our catalogs have a different prefix in front of the item number that you also have to type in to get that special price if you were mailed that catalog. Perhaps that’s the issue? Sorry again about this issue. Hopefully you will give us another chance.


I have NEVER had a problem ordering from this website.

Vivian Small

What’s the point of giving a so called credit card, yet you require a huge deposit?
I am no longer interested in your company.

Midnight Velvet

Sorry to hear this Vivian. Thanks for the feedback.


I would buy a lot more if we didn’t have to pay such high shipping. All other place they do it for free or at least a discount.I have bought so much from Ginny and Seventh also but stopped because of shipping.

Pacita Bradford

I previously order 2 bedspreads one I am very very disappointed in. Do not by the Chenille spread with the flowers it is way to long and does not look good for the price of $99.00 I will not buy any more items from Midnite Velvet.

Midnight Velvet

Sorry to hear this Pacita-thanks for the feedback.

Cheryl Murray

Carolyn Landolfi, please don’t give up on Midnight Velvet. I recently ordered a blue,yellow and white graphic sleeveless dress. it arrived promptly, fit perfectly and garnered numerous compliments. This was not my first purchase and certainly will not be my last. As a matter of fact I saw your comment as I prepared my self to place another order. I felt compelled to share my delight with Midnight Velvet. Give them another shot. You’ll be glad you did.

Denise McFadden

Why is y’all shipping and handling, so expenses, compared to other clothing company.

Midnight Velvet

Thanks for this feedback Denise. If you’d like to check out our coupon page, you might an offer there that will help with our shipping costs:


the dress I cant find. I put in marcellas and nothing came up. I looked also catalog and nothing.

Midnight Velvet

Sorry you were unable to locate a dress you wanted. Let us know any more details and we can get you a link.

Jan M

Love the stuff , but I wish u had bras that go up to 48 d such pretty bras I wore I pair of sandals the other day and someone said where did you get those I told them Midnight Velvet they said they loved them I said so do I plus some clothes I’ve bought always got complement on how nice love when they have their sales too would love to have more credit Thanks Midnight Velvet Chicago Il.

Midnight Velvet

Thanks for the feedback and compliment Jan. We appreciate hearing from our customers.


I am new to this site but would like to say I have ordered from catalog and over the phone people could not have been nices or more helpful.

Nita Hammersmith

Dear Midnight Velvet,

I have placed an order and mailed in payment. I have been unable to look at my bill to see what I ordered or when I paid the bill. This is unacceptable. I need to see a running account of my bill. When I try to order the password is rejected and I cannot finish my purchased items. Please help? Also it wants to change my Apartment number as well. Please advise on a way to proceed.

Midnight Velvet

Hi Nita, We are sorry about this experience. We will pass along this comment to Customer Service and hopefully get this resolved. Thanks for letting us know.

Iris swift

I would like to have the summer catalog sent to my home to purchase more items for my home..

Midnight Velvet

Sure Iris-can you go ahead and let us know your address by emailing: Thanks!

Elsa Jobe

Thanks for being a customer !!
I like the styles and colors
Looking forward to getting a magazine
Soon !!

Doreen Gillis

I’m anxious to receive my purchase but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Midnight Velvet

Hi Doreen, we passed along this information to our customer service team and they will let us know if they come across any issues with your order. Thanks-hope you love your purchase!

Bobbie Wallace

Terrible trying to place and order, keep giving error, frustrating, please fix it

Midnight Velvet

Hi Bobbie, Sorry for this issue. We will get in touch with you to see what issues you are having. If you’d like to reach out to our Customer Service directly, the email is:


I’ve been shopping with Midnight Velvet for over a year now and have never had one problem resolving any issue I encountered.

Gerri Reado

I have shopped Midnight Velvet for many years. Never have any problems with anything. However, I do agree that the shipping costs are way too high. For as much as their items costs, they should offer free shipping to and fro, only charging a restock fee of 20%.

Midnight Velvet

Hello Gerri,
Thanks for this feedback. We appreciate it. Thanks for being a customer for many years!

Romona Harris

I have had no problems with Midnight Velvet since I have been ordering from them. I always get very nice compliments of the clothing I wear that I ordered from them and my order comes in a timely manner and I have had no problems ordering online.

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Romona! We appreciate the comment! 🙂


I really loved my purchases! Quality clothes with nice designs…the website is easy to maneuver and the credit card helped with ease of payment. Shipping it would be nice if there was a free shipping after certain dollars spent!!
Love my stuff!! I’ll be buying more!!

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Angie! 🙂

Sandra E. Baker

I have never had a problem with Midnight Velvet. Whenever I am looking for something special, I can always find it in the catalog. I have never had a problem with anything I’ve purchased. I am a satisfied customer.

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Sandra!


I’ve ordered several items..and eached arrived on time one a day early. I love the clothes and I’ve gotten great comments from family and friends…

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Mary!

S Fields

I have been ordering from Midnight Velvet for years and I have never had any problems ordering, tracking my orders or payments to my account. I love the clothes and the items for my home. I receive compliments on all of them. I had to return items twice and the ease of returning and exchanging my items was very much appreciated.

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Sheryl!

B. Davis

I have been ordering from Midnight Velvet for over 10 years and have never had a problem ordering, returning items or checking my account. However, I do agree that shipping is a bit steep, but I have gone to Midnight Velvet coupons and sometimes found a coupon for free shipping. It sure helped reduce the total cost of my purchase. There are other discounts you can find as well Thanks MV for making my shopping experience easy.

Cary taranto

I love M v. I have never had any problems with orders. or sending back what I don’t like. I love most all my orders .Keep up the good work.

Mary l streets

Mary l streetswould you please send me a catalog

Midnight Velvet

Mary-you can sign up to receive a catalog here:

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Published on Apr 27 2017

Last Updated on Nov 17 2020

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