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Social wear for every occasion

Jacquelyn Party Dress

There always a reason to have a festive outfit on hand during the fall and holiday season. Those sundresses that you wore to your niece’s wedding back in June likely won’t be appropriate for the nuptials you have coming up. That’s where Midnight Velvet’s hot new social wear comes in. You can watch a video with fashion stylist Marcellas Reynolds to see what he has to say about the hottest social wear of the season and you read our top five tips right here:

Fit and flare

Fit and flare is one of the most flattering dress styles for just about every body type. Whether you want to show off your tiny waist or draw attention away from your legs, this cut is the perfect solution. This style is easy to find in sleeveless, three-quarter length, or even long sleeves! Try periwinkle, light blue or a chic black satin. With a high neckline, it would be a crime not to pair this dress with a sparkly statement necklace to really show off your personality. If you want to get more into the color scheme of the season, go for a burnt orange or a red brocade dress.

Jacquelyn Party Dress
Jacquelyn Party Dress

Strappy shoes

In autumn, it’s not too cold to still let your toes show. A pair of strappy dress heels is the perfect glamorous addition to your dress. Try black, so you can wear them with every formal outfit, or spice it up with some silver heels. Every woman needs a trusty pair of comfortable, but stylish strappy dress shoes that she can wear with anything. Whether you like satin, patent leather or glitter, find what works best for you!

Strappy Buckle Shoe by Midnight Velvet
Strappy Buckle Shoe by Midnight Velvet

Sparkle isn’t just for the holiday season.”

Dazzling details

Sparkle isn’t just for the holiday season! No matter what time of year, you should never be afraid to add a little glitz and glamour to your formal wear. This can come in the form of dresses with some intricate beading in the bodice or statement rhinestones on the waist, glittery heels or some elegant costume jewelry that glistens when it hits the light just right. There’s just something that sparkle gives to formal outfits that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Square Necklace/Hoop Set
Square Necklace/Hoop Set

Cover ups

If there’s one thing that’s for sure about fall weather, it’s that it’s unpredictable. In many states, temperatures will fluctuate over ten degrees in a matter of hours! If you’re going to a wedding or gala that goes from day until night, you’ll want to make sure you have all of your bases covered. A sleeveless dress may seem awesome during the daytime ceremony, but once you get into the evening, you might need to cover up your arms. A faux fur shrug is dressier than a sweater and much cozier! These shrugs are so versatile, you can even pair it with jeans and a blouse.


You don’t want to carry that trusty old leather satchel to an event that calls for you to feel like a movie star! However, you also don’t want to be left without your cash, cell phone or lipstick and compact. The perfect solution for this is to find a versatile evening handbag. If you prefer to carry your purse on your shoulder, look for one with a strap, but if you like to carry it in your hands, a clutch will suit your needs better. Evening bags are typically just big enough to carry your necessities, so you won’t feel bogged down by your bag while you dance the night away!

Rhinestone and Denim Satchel
Rhinestone and Denim Satchel

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Everyhting is just Fabulous !

Pamela K. Carr, MS, M.Ed.

Great combination!

phyllis becerril

Enjoy all of it.

Roberta McCullum

Beautiful looks . I’m in love with your jewelry .


Love the jewelry. Nothing set off an outfit more than the right jewelry.

Glenda Bellew

You had a red bistro table and 2 chairs. I don’t see this and wonder if you’re going to get more

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Published on Sep 16 2016

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