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How to Rock Black, White and Red This Season

A lit silver and faceted crystal tabletop chandelier with five candelabra bulbs, next to a small vase of roses.

When it comes to color combinations, there’s nothing more classic than black, white and red. So, it’s no wonder that these colors are “in” for spring. Looking to get on board this trend? Here are three ways Marcellas Reynolds recommends integrating these shades into your wardrobe:

1. Dresses

If you’re looking to class up your wardrobe a bit with occasion dresses, these hues are the perfect way to do so. For example, a slimming A-line dress is professional enough for the office, yet still edgy – with contemporary faux leather and angled zippers – so you can easily wear it out on the town. Or, how about a revamp of the little black dress? Opt for a frock with a different shape and texture than you’re used to. A black dress with layers and a flirty skirt will do the trick. Lastly, Marcellas recommends thinking outside the box with a flattering striped black and white dress. Throw on a pair of dress shoes, and you’re good to go!

Houndstooth Dress
Houndstooth Dress

2. Separates

When it comes to tops and bottoms, it’s all about contrasting shades and patterns. For example, an amazing graphic top looks great paired with an asymmetrical black skirt. For skirts, make sure you choose one that fits your figure best; it’s sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

“Stand out in the crowd with a chevron bag.”

3. Accessories

There’s nothing quite like a unique pair of shoes, and this season it’s all about bold and vibrant heels. Want your footwear to pop? A pair of houndstooth heels works with any black, red or white dress. On the other hand, you could keep combine traditional and trendy with some red peep toe heels.

Accessories don’t stop at shoes, though! Don’t forget to add a stylish black and white, chevron bag to your look to stand out in the crowd wherever you are.

Ariel and Black and White Pump

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Published on Feb 25 2016

Last Updated on Jan 12 2017

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