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Ready for fall? Pantone’s top autumn colors will help

A multicolor patchwork toss pillow in baroque patterns, in linen, mustard, orange, blue and browns.

When it comes to fashion and home design, staying on top of trends is important. While you shouldn’t deny yourself items just because they don’t fit into the group of popular products at the time, you can enhance your wardrobe and decor by knowing what’s trendy.

The Pantone Color Institute can help. This organization highlights the top 10 colors shown at New York Fashion Week – and its London counterpart, as of 2017. This gives elite designers, and those of us who do it at home, an idea of color palettes we can use as we compose our outfits and home decor.

The top 10 breakdown

The top 10 fall colors, according to Pantone’s evaluation of NYFW, are the following:

  1. Grenadine.
  2. Tawny Port.
  3. Ballet Slipper.
  4. Butterum.
  5. Navy Peony.
  6. Neutral Gray.
  7. Shaded Spruce.
  8. Golden Lime.
  9. Marina.
  10. Autumn Maple.

Here’s how you can use these colors in your fall wardrobe and home decor:

Treat earthy tones as neutrals

Some of Pantone’s choices make perfect sense for fall. Autumn Maple, Butterum and Tawny Port are warm colors that can be used as neutrals throughout your home and within your sense of style, according to Realtor. Try these shades on your walls or look for larger pieces in these hues to add dimension to an already neutral room. On the fashion side, try to find items in these colors in suede. The fabric, especially paired with the earthy hues, is a great fit for fall. Feel free to wear women’s sweaters in these colors with black skinny jeans, a leather pencil skirt or boyfriend jeans.

Autumn Maple is a great earthy color that can be used as a neutral.

Color-blocking is a go

While the idea of mixing and matching two shades of the same color may be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be! Pantone’s 2017 fall colors are a good way to experiment with this trend. For example, Grenadine pants go well with a Tawny Port women’s blouse. For your home, add a pop of color to a Neutral Gray Room with Ballet Slipper accents, like throw pillows, curtains or rugs. Test out a few different options, and don’t be afraid to consult the color wheel for help.

Add dependable shades

Although some of Pantone’s fall predictions may seem challenging to incorporate into your fashion and home design – Golden Lime, for example – utilizing dependable shades first is a smart way to ease into the more difficult hues. Navy Peony is a bold and playful alternative to black, according to House Beautiful, enabling you to fill the rest of the room with pops of Golden Lime and Marina. Shaded Spruce, on the other hand, is a strong base color for both work-appropriate and weekend outfits. A women’s dress or sweater in this shade goes well with neutrals, as well as other jewel tones.

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Published on Sep 06 2017

Last Updated on Nov 17 2020

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