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Party Perfect Looks

Glam Holiday Style from Midnight Velvet

The holiday rush has begun! A social whirlwind of concerts, parties and shopping trips makes this time of year hectic and exciting. Here’s some tips on how to build a festive wardrobe for office parties, family dinners, concerts or school recitals. 

Add a Golden Touch

Christmas and the holidays are a time to shine. A special occasion calls for something different and nothing does the trick like gold. Turn heads in a rich, shimmering Sequin Shark-Bite Sweater, layer a gold cardigan over a simple lace cami or pair a glimmering baby doll tunic over a black pencil skirt. Your outfit will reflect the beauty and drama of the season.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.23.01 AM

Think Luxurious 

An invitation for an evening out is the perfect reason to indulge in luxurious fabric and equally rich jewel-tone hues. From velvety classic black velour dresses to feminine beaded 2-piece ensembles, let yourself get carried away. This is the time to try something new.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.26.43 AM

Think Feet First 

Think head-to-toe when putting together outfits. Beauty starts from the bottom so be sure to add instant party flair with a shoe that sparkles. Whether it’s your favorite little black dress or an office suit, a classic pump with eye-catching embroidery, crystal beading or sparkling sequins makes all the difference. Your feet can blend in or be a focal point. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match colors, patterns and style!

Stud Band Pump by Midnight Velvet

Bring on the Bling 

Above all, don’t forget the bling! Jewelry is the finishing touch every holiday outfit needs. Let yourself go over-the-top with extra sparkle and shimmer during this festive season. A necklace and earring set adds polish while an oversized cocktail ring can make a bold statement. Find out how to accentuate with jewelry.

Whatever your style, make it shine even brighter this Christmas season.

stunning & unique bling for a polished look



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Published on Nov 18 2015

Last Updated on Nov 19 2015

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