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New fashion this fall

Midnight Velvet New Fall Fashions 2016

Fall is the most exciting time of the year when it comes to fashion. By the time August rolls around, you’re probably getting burned out on shorts and sandals and are ready to embrace the coziness of the autumn season. This fall, it’s time to update your wardrobe and embrace some of these hot new styles. Here are some of the trending looks coming up this September:

“Nothing says ‘power player’ like pinstripes.”


Pinstripes aren’t just for gangsters and men. Nothing actually says “power player” like a woman rocking some pinstripes. Feminize the look a little bit by matching a pinstripe pantsuit with a pair of peep toe heels or a pinstriped blouse with some fashion jewelry. Adding a bright red or blue accessory into the mix is a great way to step it up a notch. There’s no better way to give the impression that you’re a woman in charge.

Pinstripe Dress
Pinstripe Dress


Fringe is possibly one of the most fun trends in recent years. Not only does it give a plain leather handbag a whole lot of personality, but it also makes a great addition to any other piece of clothing. Fringed boots, jackets and skirts are going to be hot hot hot this fall, so consider digging through your closet for your favorite vintage fringe pieces from the ’70s. Don’t hesitate to update your look a bit with some newer pieces as well.

Our Style Expert, Marcellas Reynolds, will tell you all about wearing fringe in his new “How to Wear Fringe” VideoCapital Bootie

“Lace can be worn in the workplace.”


Gone are the days when lace was solely used on undergarments. In fact, when worn correctly, you can even wear it in the workplace. Lace is making an appearance on everything from heels and booties to handbags and blouses. In small doses, lace can give an outfit a classy touch rather than a risque one. Try adding one lacy piece to your outfit and keeping your accessories subdued.

Faux Pearl Collar Lace Top
Faux Pearl Collar Lace Top

What else is hot and stylish this fall?

  • Dresses: In addition to incorporating details like pinstripes, fringe and lace into this fall’s dress designs, color blocking is a hot trend for the workplace. When it comes to formal wear, like Mother of the Bride dresses and black tie-appropriate gowns, some glisten is always in style. Whether your dress has some sparkly accents or you’re dressing it up with your jewelry, don’t be afraid to add a little dazzle.
  • Tops: Tops this season are incorporating more jewel tones to keep in line with the changing colors of fall. In addition, some more retro styles, like bell-sleeves and caftan-style embellishments are also making appearances. Don’t forget about the fun new patterns that are making waves in our catalog as well!
  • Shoes: While it’s time to retire those sandals until next spring, your flats can stay out – in fact, consider investing in some flats that are more appropriate for the fall. Consider a slide-on oxford or some earth tone flats to wear until the weather gets colder. However, the return of the bootie and shootie is one of the most exciting things about fall. Consider a pair of ankle-high wedge boots or a pointy-toe shootie to tide you over until the winter.
  • Jewelry: When picking your jewelry out for the fall season, consider warm tones like yellow or rose gold instead of white gold or silver. These shades pair well with the hot jewel colors of the season. How about treating yourself to some personalized bracelets, necklaces or earrings as well?
  • Bags: Many women stick with a neutral black or brown purse to use all year, but why limit yourself? Try a funky print like houndstooth or chevron or even a bold color that’ll make any neutral outfit really pop.

Midnight Velvet New Fall Fashions 2016

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Diane Stevennson

Fashions are awesome

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Diane!!

margaret J williams

My name is Margaret Williams i’ve been buying chlothes from this company for quite awhile I love them one thing they don’t have is women shoes size 13 wide I wish they would it’s hard for real tall women to find shoes in our size please consider this thank you

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Published on Aug 15 2016

Last Updated on Aug 19 2016

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