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Marcellas Reynolds’ tips for summer style

Marcellas Reynolds at a Facebook Live Chat for Midnight Velvet

Marcellas Reynolds at a Facebook Live Chat for Midnight VelvetEarlier this month, Midnight Velvet customers had the exciting chance to chat with celebrity stylist Marcellas Reynolds once again.

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Kicking off the hot summer season, many customers appreciated the style advice and tips he had to offer when it comes to beating the heat and staying stylish in the coming months.

Here’s a recap of what he had to say:

Wedding fashion

There are so many rules pertaining to wedding season. Don’t bring a plus one unless explicitly stated, you have a year after the wedding date to send a gift, show up on time, and the biggest rule of all: Don’t wear white! However, one Midnight Velvet customer was wondering, if it’s appropriate to wear a flashy color, like red.

“I love color, so I never pass up an excuse to wear it. So yes, especially red,” said Reynolds. “It’s vibrant, bold, and you’ll outshine the bride.”

Outshining the bride may be a bit of a faux pas, but hey, you can’t help how fabulous you look, and Reynolds says it’s OK, so go for it! Another woman expressed that she was tired of always wearing gowns and heels to formal events and asked if it would be too crazy for a woman to rock a pant suit, tuxedo or bow tie. Reynolds said that he’d nix the bow tie, but loves the idea of a woman in a tux.

Felixia Keyhole Neckline Dress
Felixia Keyhole Neckline Dress

Covering up problem areas

While no woman should feel the need to cover any part of her body, nobody wants to feel self-conscious by exposing areas she’d rather keep hidden. During a sweltering summer, however, it can be tough to stay stylish and cool without exposing your upper arms – an area that many customers in Reynolds’ chat were unsure about. When asked how to enjoy summer fashion while still covering arms, Reynolds suggested a long-sleeve shirt with open shoulder holes, as well as a sheer sleeve top beneath your favorite sleeveless looks for something breezy and cool.

Sheer Sleeves Top
Sheer Sleeves Top

Summer looks

Every season has its own set of colors, and summer this year is no different. Reynolds said he’s loving bright colors this summer, especially yellow, tangerine, persimmon and “anything that sounds fruity.” However, that’s not to say that Reynolds doesn’t also love a crisp summer white. It’s a classic look.

Reynolds also expressed an affinity for maxi dresses and gladiator sandals this summer. He said that the two pair well together, but that’s not the only way to wear the seasonal staples. When it comes to maxi dresses, you can mix function and fashion by opting for a style with a slit, showing off your leg and your shoes. Gladiator sandals, on the other hand, can be worn into the early fall with skirts, shorts, and even jeans and a sweater on those sunny September days.



Silvertone Gladiator by Midnight Velvet
Silvertone Gladiator by Midnight Velvet


Take a look at the entire chat digest on Facebook >


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Love you Marcel wondered where you were..glad you got a good job.looks good any way..I have ordered a few things. Like them.. I just hope all this animosity between all gods children turns around.He told us to be kind to each other.I like the earrings .hope they don’t turn me green..Be Happy..

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Published on Jun 19 2016

Last Updated on Jul 04 2016

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