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Marcellas on NY Fashion Week

Marcellas Reynolds for Midnight Velvet

Marcellas ReynoldsGuest Post from Marcellas Reynolds. . .

For fashionistas it’s the most wonderful time of the year! 2016 Spring/Summer NY Fashion Week is starting. I have been following Fashion Week since ’96. I remember being a model & traveling to New York for castings, sometimes 20 in a day, surrounded by hundreds of other hopefuls trying to book runway shows. The streets were teeming with young guy & girl models running  from showroom to showroom, casting to casting, in hopes of their big break. You see, booking even 1 big show can catapult a model’s career into stardom. The eyes of the world are on NYFW. Designers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (for a show that can last as little as 15 minutes) putting their collections out there for press, buyers, celebrities, VIP customers and the world to see. A single show can make or break even the most famous designer.

I had the honor of opening (first model out) and closing (last model out on the runway) Ralph Lauren. I closed Nautica and walked for Tommy Hilfiger. Those moments are some of my favorite memories that I cherish to this day.Marcellas Reynolds for Midnight Velvet

Since ’96 I have walked in and attended many fashion shows. There is an energy about a fashion show that is indescribable. The guests jockeying for the perfect seat. The rush backstage as hair and makeup artists as well as stylists and the design team get the models ready to walk. And of course the crush of the press photographing celebrities, VIPs, models and the clothes! It’s a side of fashion few people see and it’s fascinating on so many levels.

As a fashion stylist I’m always excited for NYFW. I love seeing the clothes and the ideas that the designers are showing for the first time. There is something inspirational about the shows. By the time fashion week is over the big trends for the new season have emerged. For me it’s a time of creativity. I can’t wait to see the new clothes, design innovations and fabrics. And more importantly I can’t wait to wear them and apply them into my work as a stylist!

The team at Midnight Velvet and I have our eyes on the runways of New York Fashion Week. In the next few weeks and months we’re going to be incorporating the biggest and most exciting trends into dynamic designs and style ideas we hope you love! For Midnight Velvet I’m Marcellas Reynolds, your personal stylist.

Check out the photo gallery of behind the scenes shots when Marcellas was shooting our fabulous how-to videos.

Comments (4)

Cleveland Dunlap III

Congrats Marcellas on your success at Midnight Velvet!


Thanks Cleveland! I am having a blast working with team here at MV and chatting with fans & friends of the brand!

glenda walker

i love his fashion its different and thats what im in to something nobody else is wearing lets hear it for newyork.


???????????????? Glenda! Hooray for fashion & hooray for New York!

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Published on Sep 07 2015

Last Updated on Sep 09 2015

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