Summer fashion requires a little attitude, so spice up your wardrobe with statement accessories. Shoes in particular can kick your outfits up a notch, no matter what trends fit your personal style. We’ve found the hottest looks for your feet. Here’s what they are and how to rock them:

1. Straps and lace

Every closet needs a pair of strappy shoes for summer. They stand out, draw attention to your legs and spruce up simple outfits. And while strappy sandals are always on-trend, another variation has taken center stage: lace-up sandals. These shoes feature strings you can tie yourself to create totally unique patterns. Crisscross the straps close to your ankle to create a lot of movement, or cross them once and tie them below the knee for a gladiator-inspired look. Flats and shooties with straps and laces are other options taking the limelight this summer.

2. Bold and bright

Want a pop of color from your accessories? The bold and bright trend is the answer, with shoes sporting a rainbow of summer hues. You can match colorful shoes to your clothes and accessories, or pair them with neutrals to draw eyes downward. This trend fits any kind of outfit from casual to formal.

When it comes to matching accessories, look at your handbag. Stylish purses with similar colors and patterns to your shoes make your accessories stand out. We’re in love with the colorblocked combo in the video below – the white, black and yellow look is chic and complements outfits with the same shades.


3. Black and white

Black and white combinations are timeless and bigger than ever this summer. Bring the look down into your shoes for a cohesive, statement-making ensemble. This trend is versatile, allowing you to put your own twist on it. For instance, you can wear solid black or white sandals or shoes that sport both shades. What’s more, black and white can cover a range of styles, from strappy wedge sandals to slide sandals. Pair your killer kicks with a matching handbag to complete your classic statement.

4. Mixed metallic

Mixing silver and gold is one of those fashion rules meant to be broken, and this summer, the guideline is out the window. Mixed metallics let you combine your metals in any way you can imagine. Start with a garment that features both, and then pair it with silver dress heels and gold jewelry. Or, wear an all-black ensemble with shoes and accessories that incorporate both hues. What’s more, mixed metallic shoes are a born complement for statement jewelry.