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How to Style A Maxi

Wear a jean jacket with a maxi dress

There is no article of clothing more perfectly suited to a beautiful day than a breezy dress. And when it comes to styles, it’s all about the maxi. This frock is a floor- or ankle-length dress, traditionally formfitting at the top and loose at the bottom. Made out of many different materials, maxis come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. Here are a couple of chic ways you can style a maxi dress this summer:

Shoes with some height

It may sound simple, but shoes with a couple of extra inches will take your maxi dress to another level. Wedge shoes or high heels will peep out from under your dress, showcasing your fancy footwear. Plus, the added height will elongate your legs, making you look slim and poised. This getup is perfect for causal yet sophisticated occasions, like a bridal or baby shower.

Blast Gladiator by Annie
Blast Gladiator by Annie

“Jean jackets are a staple item for summertime fashion.”

A jean jacket

You may be excited to get rid of sleeves this summer, but that doesn’t mean you and the weather always agree. Earlier in the season, around May or June, top your A-line maxi dress off with your favorite women’s jacket. A classic, navy blue jean jacket will do the trick. It’s light enough to keep you cool if the sun is shining yet works as a great covering whenever on those cooler days. If we’re talking staple items for your closet, a perfect-fitting jean jacket is a must for every woman.

Looking for something with a little more edge? Try a leather jacket instead. That way, you can showcase your rockstar personality and still remain feminine with the maxi.

Decked-Out Jean Jacket
Decked-Out Jean Jacket

A blazer

Some ladies find it hard to dress in office-appropriate clothing during the summer without overheating. That’s women’s blazers save the day. These jackets can add professionalism to just about any piece of clothing – including a maxi dress. Bring one along on your commute to work or keep it on your chair in the office. You can throw it on over your dress whenever you have a client meeting or need to be in work mode. Hint: Make sure you buy a fitted blazer so it flatters your shape and gives off that tailored look.

Bold accessories

Maxi dresses are statement pieces alone, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on that extra bling. Integrate some of summer’s trendy jewelry, like long, metallic necklaces and cobalt-blue cuffs, into your wardrobe. Be sure to choose the right accessories for your dress’s neckline. If it’s a halter, swap the necklace for a pair of chandelier earrings. Pair a sparkly chain with a scoop neck for added flair.

Watch how Marcellas suggests wearing statement jewelry this season >

Seed Bead Fringe Necklace and Earring Set
Seed Bead Fringe Necklace and Earring Set

Don’t be afraid to make your maxi dress your own! Experiment with different styles until you find something you feel comfortable and confident wearing.


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Published on Jul 04 2016

Last Updated on Jul 08 2016

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