As summer begins to dwindle down, we find ourselves pushing our pastels to the back of the closet and pulling out our cardigans and jewel tones. Back in February, the Pantone Color Institute released its annual fall color report, which included Riverside, Airy Blue, Sharkskin, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard and Potter’s Clay. These hot colors aren’t too far off from the shades that are taking the fashion world by storm this fall. When you’re shopping for your new autumn wardrobe, you’ll find that the following colors will be on the shelves:


The great thing about wine – the color, not the beverage, though that’s great too – is that it’s neutral enough to be worn anywhere yet bright enough to add a little pizzazz to any outfit. The color pairs beautifully with black or navy, both of which will never go out of style. If most of your clothes are one of those colors, throwing some wine fashion scarves, a sweater or even something as bold as a wine-colored skirt or pants into the mix is a great way to make your outfit look daring without being too wild. Maroons work just as well as wines do.

Floral tunic and faux swede legging


Teal is an incredibly easy color to transition between summer and fall. It’s bright enough to be worn with shorts and strappy sandals in the summer months but also dark enough to throw under a blazer when the weather starts to cool down. It can be  easily paired with neutrals like black, nude and gray. However, it’s also fun to mix with complementing colors like purple or coral. It might be difficult to get a hold of coral once fall rolls around, but maybe you can find a great deal from the spring or summertime on the clearance racks!

Reptile Zipper Tote by Sondra Roberts


Cobalt blue is the perfect pop of color in just about any outfit. Since it can be pretty bright, many people prefer to keep it in the accessories, like fun brightly colored leather purses or statement necklaces. However, if you’re feeling a little more daring, this fall is the perfect opportunity to rock a cobalt dress or even match it with other shades of blue in your outfit. Go for a lighter blue or a dark navy when matching with cobalt rather than shades that match too closely. You don’t want to look like you attempted to wear the same colors and fell short!

Geo Quilt jacekt Ponte Skinn Pants Lilis Satchel Bag

“Anyone at any age can wear red.”


If you’re about to say that you’re too old to wear red… don’t. Nobody is too old or too curvy or too tall to wear red. The color exudes confidence, so anyone can slay in red as long as they have the attitude to back it up. If you’re hesitant, start small with a bold red lip or fun red accessories. There’s not a lot that’s more chic than a little black dress and some red peep toe heels. Then, work your way up to incorporating it into your actual outfit. A red dress may be too bold for the workplace, but it’s perfect for a cocktail party. When you’re wearing a bright hue like this, it’s easy to tone down the rest of your outfit while still looking put together.

Split Top T-Strap Shoe


We all need a go-to neutral, and the tone of fall 2016 is definitely gray. While many people still have the misconception that it’s hard to wear gray without looking drab, Pantone dubbing it one of the colors of the season should be an indicator that it’s anything but drab. Gray is incredibly versatile, and you can pair it with pastels, bright hues and even the rest of the fall jewel tones.

Stylish Stretch Blazer

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