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Hopping on board with spring colors

woman wearing a bright yellow sweater

It’s time to put those snow boots and gloves in storage because spring is right around the corner (OK, maybe keep them on-hand just in case). Styles, trends and colors are a changing – even if the weather isn’t! Here is the lowdown on some of spring’s “in” colors so you can look fun and fresh this season.

Mellow Yellow

While many of the colors you’ll see in spring are cool shades, there is nothing wrong with a little sunshine. Transport yourself to a happier, brighter place by wearing a pastel hue of yellow. This shade is bold and unexpected. However, because of that, some women have a hard time styling it. The truth is, you can wear yellow without feeling overdone. Here are some tips on rocking this sunny hue:

  • Keep it simple. If this is one of your first times trying out this shade, just stick with a yellow-colored sheer blouse paired with some blue jeans. The classic look of denim will offset the color.
  • Try a cardigan. For those ladies who aren’t ready to jump headfirst into bright outfits, a yellow cardigan will suffice. Pair it with a white, cotton dress. It will serve as that extra pop!
  • Opt for a pattern. There’s no way to better integrate color than putting it into a print. Yellow is found in plenty of patterns, including chevron and lace.
woman wearing a bright yellow sweater
Flower Power Sweater

Warm Shades of Red

During winter, you may have tried to integrate some red into your wardrobe (it’s a classic during the holiday season), but now it’s time to step it up a notch. This spring, shop for articles of clothing that are fiery shades of red. This color screams bold and beautiful. So how do you wear this? It’s simple – it works with just about every top or bottom you wear! If you’re looking to stand out in the office, opt for an elegant, red skirt suit: the perfect combination of professional and stylish.

“Try a red lipstick with blue undertones this spring.”

Ladies, don’t forget that fashion is more than just what you wear. Line your lips with a deep-red lipstick. Try to find one with a blue undertone as it will make your teeth look whiter!

woman wearing a red dress
Sparkle Dress

Personality Prints

During spring, the goal is to throw on color someway, somehow. But that doesn’t just stop with solid shades. Patterns add dimension, texture and visual appearance to your look. But enough about that, let’s get down to some options. Here are a couple of patterns you could try this season:

  • Stripes: Black and white stripes are classic. These look especially great on an oversized handbag.
  • Polka dots: The best thing about polka dots is there are plenty of options to choose from. They come in large scale, smaller sizes and different colors so you can pick one that screams you.
  • Gingham: This has a woven checkered look (also known as the picnic pattern). It looks great on a skirt or a dress during the warmer seasons of the year. Hint: Wear it in red and you’ll look fashionably appropriate!
  • Paisley: This print commands a lot of visual attention with its droplet shapes and sizes. If you’re wearing this, stick to solid colors on the rest of your outfits. Note: It’s the perfect pattern for a silk scarf to tie around your head or even on your purse.
  • Plaid: Plaid isn’t something only the boys can wear. This pattern is a great way to add a little color to a casual outfit, but it can be dressed up too. Just combine a sparkly necklace with a plaid flannel buttoned all the way up. It’s like menswear – the feminine way!
woman wearing a printed dress
Lehna Paisley Print Dress

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Published on Mar 26 2016

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