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Dresses That Go to Great Lengths

Retro Betty Dress

Maxi or mini? Here’s the long and short of choosing new summer dresses.

What to Wear?!!! 
Need something easy and elegant? One excellent, basic dress can be the best wardrobe investment you’ll ever make. Use these simple tips to help you choose the perfect one.  First, it must play to your strengths. A sheath or wrap dress are the easiest and most versatile with flattering drape and forgiving waistlines. Second, it should be easy to accessorize. Look for a neckline that will compliment necklaces and earrings. Make sure the length and cut are versatile enough to match several different shoes. Finally, your basic dress should be easily adapted to changing temperatures. Find a matching cardigan to pull out during summer storms.

Simple and elegant

Vibrant Energy
Do you own an outfit that makes people stop and ask,  “Where did you get that dress?”  Every girl should have that one stunning ensemble sure to earn compliments wherever it’s worn. A dress that exudes energy and vibe will give you an extra shot of confidence. If you don’t have that special number, take inventory of your closet right away. Start being bold with your dress choices and always include bright, sparkly earrings for a final, dramatic flourish.​

Abstract Print Dress

Express Your Wild Side
Get off to a roaring start with a summer maxi dress covered in animal print. Why stop there? Take a walk on the wilder side by mixing and matching galore. Cheetah and giraffe, paisley and leopard, flowers and snakeskin, the wilder the better. Be unexpected and spontaneous. Anything goes so go ahead and go anywhere!

Fabulous animal prints in a maxi dress

Brilliant Style
We know you’re familiar with the LBD (little black dress), but why should black have all the fun? There’s a rainbow of irresistible colors  just waiting for you! Sunny yellow is this season’s trendiest color. Don’t be afraid, anyone can wear yellow regardless of hair color or skin tone. Be sure you have an option or two in your closet this summer.

Retro Betty Dress

What style do you like best? Tell us in the comments below!


Comments (10)


The first teal color dress is grogeous.

Margarita Canada

I am a 72 yrs old and plus size. Would like to see something more appropriate to my age. Please help . Thank you.


Love the yellow. Would like to see more Size 18 & 20


I like all then pretty things of midnight velvet, I order a rosary from midnight velvet and I never received, I paid with a credit card, but I never received, I wonder what happened to it.

Midnight Velvet

Sorry to hear this Valda. We will send you an email and hopefully figure out what happened. Thanks for checking out our Style Ideas & More!


I love the yellow dress and it’s length. I stop ordering suits because they are too short for a 58 year old. I don’t like too

long dresses. I like dresses below the knee not the ankle.

Willie(marti Nick name),HALE

I’m 73 year young woman and I love yellow,reds,pictures Kaylee mint green, blacks. Mauves ,I might sound all o Eric the place but I just love your colors. And bedrooms wow….and decor s for every room. I’m in LOVE! I do want new catalogs, I’ve borrowed from friends. Thanks midnight velvet

Willie(marti Nick name),HALE

I forgot, to say , make it a little easier for credit. WE all can’t pay cash. But we do love your beautiful spreads..


where are the petite sizes for 5′ and shorter

Midnight Velvet

Hi Tina,
Thanks for the comment. We have tried to sell petites in the past, but didn’t get enough interest. We are always looking for feedback though so we will pass along your suggestion and hopefully add more to our size range in the future. We would love for you to still enjoy our accessories or home decor for us to still keep you as a customer. 🙂 Thanks again for commenting.

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Published on May 06 2015

Last Updated on May 26 2015

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