One of the hottest trends this spring is a fresh, feminine look. While many of us have strayed from the idea of dressing too feminine, whether it’s because you’re more comfortable in a colorblocked or black ensemble, or because you fear looking like you’re dressing too young, we’re here to put an end to those doubts. We have some ways that you can embrace this aesthetic this spring. Watch the video and read more below.



“Choose coral, cream or mint.”


Lace is a timeless staple when it come to feminine apparel, but a lot of women hesitate to wear it because it can make an outfit too sexy. It can be a challenge to create a work-appropriate lace look when the same fabric is commonly used on lingerie. However, this spring, make it happen. The first key to rocking lace is to keep the color light – which isn’t hard to do this time of year! Coral, cream, and mint are three great shades that will keep your outfit from looking too sultry. Even if you choose a darker shade, bigger, less delicate looking laces are typically more work-appropriate than their detailed counterparts. This style of lace almost has more of a crochet-look to it, which is also very seasonal. When wearing a lace blouse, ensure that your bra straps don’t show by layering a camisole beneath it.


Floral prints are an essential addition to any woman’s springtime wardrobe. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon just yet, here are some pointers. The best way to wear florals is to allow your floral print piece be in the spotlight. For example, if you have flowers on your dress, keep your accessories to a minimum, and wear solid-colored shoes. Floral shoes, on the other hand are a great way to add a little bit of spice to an otherwise plain outfit. If the temperatures haven’t caught up to your idea of spring just yet, consider wearing some slim-cut dress slacks, and your favorite women’s blazer along with a chic new pair of floral pumps!


Brights are one of the most exciting things about the spring, especially since you’ve probably been lurking beneath layers of dark and neutral tones all winter! Whether you’re adding some color to an otherwise neutral outfit with a brightly colored fashion scarf, or going bold with a dress with brightly colored patterns, there is no shortage of ways to throw some of your favorite spring shades into your wardrobe.

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