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Dress to Thrill For Holidays and Beyond

woman wearing a dressy casual girls night outfit

Family gatherings, office parties, New Year’s Eve bashes – the holiday social whirl requires lots of special outfits. But it doesn’t end January first. Here are a few tips and inspiration to find the right style for any occasion.

Whatever you wear, add a unique touch all your own.

Dress for Office parties

Workplace holiday parties call for a glamorous look. But consider a more professional approach to hemlines and necklines which will probably differ from a similar outfit you’d wear dancing New Year’s Eve.

woman wearing a work party outfit

“Just Us Girls” Nights

A girls’ night out is usually casual but you can still rock some shimmering accents. Jeans with gold metallic embroidery, rhinestones or other embellishments add superstar glam to the evening. Or try a bead embellished shirt with black slacks – or even plain jeans.

woman wearing a dressy casual girls night outfit

Wedding bells

Weddings call for special attire but what to wear is determined by several factors. Consider a suggested dress code (if the couple has one), venue and whether it’s a day or evening event. Evening weddings usually require a cocktail-length or floor-length dress. Whatever the dress code, it’s appropriate to tone down embellishments and jewelry  and let bride shine.

woman wearing a gown for a wedding

Romantic celebrations

Valentine’s Day, anniversary or special dates may call for New Year’s Eve bling or low-key style. It all depends on where you’re going and what makes you feel beautiful. Want to sparkle during a romantic night out, add emotional warmth with a special piece of jewelry your partner has given you.

If it’s a “dinner at the burger joint/bowling alley where we had our first date” celebration, why not inject some outrageous fun by wearing your most glam attire?

If all of these events are coming up, don’t panic about your budget. A satin or beaded tank can go with anything from jeans to a floor skimming skirt. A black dress is appropriate for any event. Pair it with ballerina flats or shimmering gold heels. And the right piece of jewelry – especially a statement piece – can make all the difference.

Multicolor Crystal Jewelry

Whatever the occasion, don’t forget the most important thing. Your confidence is the accessory that pulls any outfit together!



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Published on Dec 12 2015

Last Updated on Dec 09 2015

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