Food, friends and family are some of the best parts of the holiday season, but there’s one more beloved tradition on everyone’s list: holiday parties. Whether you’re attending a cookie swap at the office or dancing the night away on New Year’s Eve, there’s a fabulous outfit for every occasion. Check out the following trends and incorporate them into your style for an amazing holiday look:

Metallics will dazzle the eye

The holiday season is one of the few times a year where daytime metallics are perfectly OK, so go nuts! Throw on a brocade skirt with gold thread detail or a silver wrap dress and a statement necklace.

You can also wear metallics on your feet for a more subtle look. Try a pair of silver dress heels or strappy sandals paired with a dress and warm stockings or a women’s dress suit. Or, you can opt for elegant costume jewelry with lots of gems or a sparkly statement necklace.

Velvet embodies luxury

Want something lush, rich, even luxurious for your next party? Choose velvet. This fabric is not only warm, but it also creates a stunning outfit every time. It also looks great in every holiday color. Throw on a ruby-red velvet special occasion dress for a night at the ballet or an evergreen velvet top underneath a blazer for an after-work party.

Tuxedos make you sleek and sharp

Tuxedos are probably the most flattering garment available, so a tux-inspired look is a great option for the season. These outfits tend to be a little more upscale, so they’re great for black-tie events like fundraising dinners and opulent get-togethers. Try a tuxedo suit or pant set for a simple, chic look – one inspired by great menswear yet still flatters your feminine curves. Throw a shawl or cape on to change up the silhouette, or accessorize with fur-trimmed outwear, gloves and a hat for warmth.

Florals put a twist on the holidays

Floral outfits are usually saved for spring, but a lot of celebrities have worn them with a winter twist. Choose muted colors like cranberry and hunter’s green over bright pink and lime to make them more seasonally appropriate. Also, go for outfits with a limited color palette – perhaps one with an analogous color scheme (which simply means different shades of the same hue) rather than a complementary one.

These holiday trends will help any woman make a statement at her next holiday party.