Keeping cool during summer is a goal for everyone, but “cool” can be figurative, too. Blues, greens and purples are on trend for summer 2017, and they’re the perfect shades for transporting you to a relaxing mindset. Whether you’re looking for new garments to invigorate your wardrobe or statement pieces for the home, check out these ideas for incorporating cool tones into your style, including a VIDEO below! 

Chill summer fashion

Ideal summer statement looks should not only be on trend but also breezy and comfortable in hot weather. Fortunately, your garments can sport cool colors and light fabrics no matter what the occasion.

Dressing up
Have somewhere to go this summer? Dress up in blues, black and white to have a classic, sophisticated look. Or, try a mix. Ombre is having a fashion moment, and it’s the perfect way to mix shades you love. Find the look in long maxi dresses, which transition from day to night flawlessly and add easy elegance to your wardrobe. A two-tone ensemble like that isn’t complete without a statement necklace.

For more coverage on your legs, bring class to your summer soirees with a black ladies jumpsuit. Solid colors paired with a trim garment are simple and chic. See how we styled a light gauze piece in the video below. Spoiler: Gold and black pair wonderfully!



Standing out
Cool colors might seem subtle and understated, but you can use them to complete an eye-catching ensemble. Sheer blouses with embellishments are perfect for summer. They combine light fabrics that allow you to catch a breeze and unique elements no one else will have. Embroidery and beading are extra touches that elevate even simple blouses.

Graphic prints are another way to stand out. Whether you want a caftan with a bold dot print or a maxi dress featuring flattering stripes, cool colors pair perfectly with patterns.

An oasis at home

Cool colors can make your space feel like a relaxing oasis. If that sounds appealing for summer, look for home decor that mixes tropic teal, cool blue and dreamy green with pops that elevate your style.

Tropical teal
Teal gets the best of blue and green all in one color. It’s calming and reminiscent of water, ideal for a home retreat. To emphasize a sense of relaxation, pair teal accents with white decor and gold pieces. For instance, white sheer drapes are an airy element that will match something more grounded, like teal ottoman furniture. Gold mirrors complete the look.

Cool blue
The classic chill color, cool blue can transition from a refreshing summer hue to other seasons as well. It also pairs well with other cool tones. Look for decorative pillows for the couch in blue, or mix and match cool colors.

Dreamy green
Green is the color of freshness, which makes it ideal for creating a retreat at home. To dream of relaxing breezes, look for luxury bedding sets with bold prints, like palm leaves. The theme goes well with solid-color pillows and sheets.

Exotic animals
Add accents to your cool colors by featuring exotic animals in your at-home oasis. Peacocks, elephants, zebras and giraffes come in neutral and cool hues, making them the perfect match for your chill interior design.

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